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ANOINTED-1: This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1.

All Alpha-Africa-Alkebulan pt1



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YES 10% to 12%: = MY PEOPLE OF COSMETIC COLORATION COMPLEXIONS, OF AMERICA’S AND ASIA’S AND AFRICA’S ASCENDANT ANCIENT ANCESTRY  + Authentically Authorized Appointed And Anointed Artistry; An All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa.  AFRICASPOARA!


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Yes Yawls Yo: listen up to the talented theme tune mp3

AWAKE-AWARE: = Avenger Avatar AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1, Agent Arthiest Actionary: Abolitionist avenging against all Arab-Arabian areas of the termed; “Middle East”. Formerly, Northeast Africa-Alkebulan. Everybody’s existing Ethnicity, each, were involved into the Sociopath Sex Slavers, satanic slave systems and trades of those timetables; thus till today. Predatory profiteers periods; purposely producing pirated prison plantations! +

Invidiously insane and insidiously inhumane; historical happenings, Hijacking and holding healthy humans hostages, helplessly harmed and hurt by hideously hostile hatred, of hatemongers. Inside hot-heated Hades hell holes!!! 

WE’S & US’S & USA: As a mandated must make those tagged terrorists-thug tyrants; to pay the premium prices for participating in pirating people, historic humankind having Blackskin and Brownskin and Pinkskins, strictly speaking superficial surface skin, cosmetic coloration complexions.
By Militarized Mechanisms and Force of Arms: {the exact same warfare ways they historically did.}Take all of their oil fields, rendered raw resource refineries, riches they’ve raided-raped and robbed from humanity = HueMainity. Grab gold and silver stores, strategically seize stockpiled shares and secret securities!

Aftermath Military Missions: After which, Aryan-Ashkenazim-Anglo-America of the North continent, commonly called Constitutional country, Caucasian Caucasoidian Capitalist-Colonialist; “Corporation Company”; could/can afford to pay up. For the (Arab aided and abetted)  USA’s Trans-Atlantic slave trades, entanglements – entrapment – enslavement of HueMainKind. All, alleged and assumed, ‘Afro-African Americans’, Aboriginals-Africoidians, Amoorindians – Afrindians, Afrasians, thus too termed: “Negroes – blacks and Coloreds”; restorative reparations and retrieved riches-royalties, resources restitution = $$$ (US Government granting and giving gifts of gold grace and Saviors Silver Salvation.)

Therefore today Trump The Great White House Hope; is acting accordingly, as advised-anointed and authorized. By Arch Angel Anchor Ark Ankh ATUM-ATOM-AMEN ALLAHYM. 

The Blacklist – Blackout hit list: = Syria, Iran, India-Pakistan, Libya – Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Iraq. Inclusively, Asia’s China, accepting slaves as gifts from Sociopath Sex Slavers. (Russia also?) Justly or unjustly; rightly or wrongly, goodly or badly, they all are actively accosted, aerially attacked and atomically-atmospherically assaulted. As asinine a-s-s aggressors, antagonist adversaries and alien agencies, all across Africa and Asia. Baring nobody, no nation state or commonly called country!!! [Karmic reactions = righteous retributions required revenges!!]

Africa like all continents are sitting and seating upon a tectonic plate. So said State of Israel and Palestine, are both well within North Eastern Africa-Alkebulan. 

Although absolutely Africa and Aboriginals-Africoidians aren’t adjectives, expressly, not “blacks” nor is there a “black Africa”. “black people in this land” etc. Anybody boasting and bragging and broadcasting this bogus blacken brand; whosoever they may/might be, is a blatant bigot and bias bastardized bitch = brandishing blackout bitchcraft!!!

YES Y’ALL: We’s & Us’s are counting down to Armageddon’s  Prophetic Holy World War 3+4; Cleaning up criminal corruptions to their center carbon core creation. Christian criminalizing color coded curses. Calling citizens, children “Colored” crayons, common Crayola colors. Aberrations and affectations as adverse attached adjectives; “blacks” and “whites”; so forth and so on obscenely – objectionably and offensively!


Insight & Foresight: Saying sanely – soundly – sensibly speculate, calmly-cautiously-carefully calculate, ecologically estimate and affluently anticipate. Talented timetables are though things, truly testing and testifying to time!
Now is the time to get in on the real; Rare richness royalties deal; Before it is safely securely seeking seal; Making more meaningful multimillionaires money meal; All aboard CK-NWCA today to tealtill; An exciting exhibition exploration thrill; Taking no  poisonous pharmaceutical prescript pill, For future freedom finances faithfully fulfill._


AMEN AND AMEN-RA: = An Ancient Ancestry And Anointed Artistry. Authentically Authorized Appointed Artworks Availing and Advancing ALL ALPHA-ALKEBULAN-AFRICA.

AMEND & AMENITY: Arthiest Actionary Atum-Atom Amen.

Prehistory: = Originally Our-Story and not History = His-Story. We’s & Us’s Aboriginal Africoidians, never had a written word nor a spoken speech, “god” and or “goddesses”. And Amen is well written all over original texts, scripts, stones and statues and artistic architectures.

In fact of reality and actuality, Amen-Ra is the SOLARSUN, Sovereign supreme superpower superstar serenely shining; sending spirit sensations sublime. Serving and saving Solar Sexus Souls! 

YES Y’ALL YESHUA: The long love light lights locks wearing BROWNSKIN Brother, who came to his own family folds-flocks – friends, love ones, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, relatives; and they received him not. And it is well wisely written: “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.” and “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” The House of Israel, and lost sheeple: ” But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”  We’s & Us’s Yawls!!

An Allegory Story: The religious people prophecy, talks all about of his day, are no different than they’re today, turning their backs and high held heads, away from “The Spirit Of Truth” & “Comforter”. Hateful human hypocrites, two-faced forked tong, blatantly bad backstabbing bias bigots. Yeshua forsaking false friends, fake family, “Worshiping what they know not what”. “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honourith me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” Justaposes “Jesus” JUDGEMENT & JUSTICE = JESUSTICE-!

He is not nor never has historically been; some senseless and stuck stupid so said; “dead white man hanging on a cross”…period.

“Yeshua (ישוע, with vowel pointing יֵשׁוּעַ – yēšūă‘ in Hebrew) was a common alternative form of the name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (“Yehoshuah” – Joshua) in later books of the Hebrew Bible and among Jews of the Second Temple period. Meaning “salvation” in Hebrew, it was also the most common form of the name Jesus hence the name corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which, through the Latin Iesus, comes the English spelling Jesus.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” 

Howsoever, ancient Africa’s ancestors, (Melkite Coptic Egyptians – Kemetians) invented and innovated, a “religion” for the Greeks of now named Europe = Europeans. Commonly called Caucasians = Caucasoid-ians. 

RALIGION, was worshiped with worldwide wisdom. Prehistorically paying homage to the term: SUNGODD DEITY Divine Decreed Disc Dimensional Domain. [simply so said sunshine] AMEN

“With Osiris, AmunRa is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods. As the chief deity of the Egyptian Empire, AmunRa also came to be worshipped outside of Egypt, in Ancient Libya and Nubia, and as Zeus Ammon came to be identified with Zeus in Ancient Greece.”

“Ra and the sun: To the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made the sun deity very important, as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created. The sun disk was either seen as the body or eye of Ra. Ra was the father of Shu and Tefnut, whom he created. Shu was the god of the wind, and Tefnut was the goddess of the rain. Sekhmet was the Eye of Ra and was created by the fire in Ra’s eye. She was a violent lioness.”

Amenity n. pl. a·men·i·ties

1. The quality of being pleasant or attractive; agreeableness: “Everything in her surroundingsministered to feelings of ease and amenity” (Edith Wharton).

2. Something that contributes to physical or material comfort: amenities offered by the hotel.

3. feature that increases attractiveness or value, especially of a piece of real estate or ageographic location.

4. amenities Social courtesies.


Ancient Ancestry and Anointed Artistry: and as an ANKH, authentically authorized as an archetype; Arhiest Actionary Agency. Activating alchemy – atomic and atmospheric activities as algorithms. Acclimating accruing assets, appreciating artistic affluence = $$$ Accurately analyzed and ascertained achievements, accomplishments, all acknowledged and accepted acumen; actualized as astutely articulated artworks. Advancing and accelerating; Arch Angel Ark Ankor; ATUM-ATOM-AMEN-ALLAHYM!!!

Additionally Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1: advises and admonishes all Americans and Africans; an Ankh, has historic ties to nobody branded “black”; nor anyone whitewashed, “white”!!= And those trying to associate and affiliate themselves; with it is inhumane and insane. Idiotic invaders, ignorant intruders, invidious insurgents and insidious ignoramuses!!= impostors and impersonators!!

Ancient Ancestral All Alpha-Albebulan-Africa as AfricAspora, prehistorically prior to history = His-story having hideous hostile human hatred, (“Hotep Harlem hustlers”); had absolutely nothing whatsoever, to do with those termed thus terming themselves the “blacks”; “black Africans”; “black Americans”; “black Pan-Africanists”, accordingly all alike are asinine asses!!!

Furthermore, those chosen colors redgreen-black, do not represent Aboriginals-Africoidians, Americans and Africans as, America’s and Africa’s ascendants!

Fakers – frauds and foolish faith followers of Black Jackass Uncle Tomfoolery. Such stupid suckers, are actualized, selfish stooges, self-serving sycophants and silly sellout Sethian Samboes. Subdued subjects submissively serving surreptitious spellbinding sorcery, seafaring serpents, Sociopath Sex Slavers Systemic System SATAN!!!

Therefore those terming themselves the “blacks” or “whites”, when We’s & Us’s openly see these thugs, terrorist tough talking tyrants, wearing our originating official, Ankhs and authentic artworks, always avoid them too!!

NOTE vs VOTE  = $$$

“The Illusion of Skin Color?”

BUTT BEWARE: I strongly suggest that by black branding, bogus broadcasting blatantly bad bigotry, bad bastardized black bitchcraft, is also a so self said; “white man’s” mentality, Sociopath Slaver who told his African slaves that they were “The Black Race” and that his were; “The White Race”. Insisting that he was our superior and we were his inferiors!!


BLINDFOLD BIBLICAL BOOKS: Broadcasting-boasting-bragging; “black supremacists” vs “white supremacists”!! =”black supremacy” via “white supremacy”!!= Both bonded between blatantly bad bias bigotry, by bastardized blackout bitchcraft, bogus bible based beliefs. Warmongers westernized world werewolves – warlocks – warlords, wicked witchcraft weirdos wizardry!!!

CHILDDEFENSE: Child-defense = Children Defensed = C.D. Defending Children DEIFIED-CHILD, Caring-Compassion-Decree!

“I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White.”

YES Y’ALL: BUY NOW; New World Creative Arts; and acquire an affluent and accruing account as authentically authorized, appointed ancient ancestry and anointed artistry. 

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA; requires registered receipts for each recipient, as positive proof of purchase. The paying person purchasing photo-picture presentations at the posted price. It’s imperatively important to lawfully and legally, have and keep safe and secure, your personal – private banking documentation, rightly received records!

Surely, someone can copy the posted pictures, but they for the most part have/has hidden, embedded watermarks = copyright codes of conduct. Others are small digital file versions that break apart when enlarged or printed. 

Albeit, better beneficially bestowed blessed, let us use our own honesty and integrity, by doing the correct thing and in a righteous manner. Pay for the artworks = $$$

Thank yawls very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING, AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 2016.

YES: After you make a proved-proof of purchase, paid price for the the presented pictures, anointed artworks, now it’s very easy to enlarge them; to museum size quality. 

Intelligently increasing intrinsic values = $$$ You could/can go into small business yourself,  experiencing exciting enterprising entrepreneurship, each exhibit economic entitlement, for formulating financial fortunes = $$$

Truly: The original digital design, is now in it’s full file frame. IPG Large Life size specimens; special scientific species. Just simply go to this link showing you who – what – why – when – where how to transfer the files and for what prices. 

“Printing with FedEx Office, Conveniently design, print & ship documents anytime, from presentations to flyers to posters.” {Kinkos}

AfricAspoar_color neg image

This is no gutsy gambling game; ‘Thy Kingdom Come” as clearly came;  You have nobody other than yourself to blame;  For failing to faithfully follow fortunes fame; Now nationalized native name; Nothing negative or positive remain the same; Pay form the posted pictures along with their fitted frame.__
There’s no stacked deck; What the Hades hell heck;  100% Principal Protection guaranteed tech; No need to hang a noose around your neck; Playing around with the shyster snake pits poisonous peck;  Wisely withstand wealth’s wrathful weather wreck.__

Crystal clear conscious cognizant clarity; Compounding compassionate charity;  Producing primary principal protective parity.__

Mother Africa Earth Nature_neg image

 “ALL people come from Ancient AFRICANS”

Ronoko Rashidia & Sara Suten Seti…

Foretelling – forecasting – forthcoming future fortunes + financially funded family foundations. Fortunetellers foremost founded faith + first full fledged funded financed freedom = $$$
BLACKRAYZ: Blessed Beliefs: Better bestowed baby born births – bio-bodily beings big banking bullish bucks backed by believing bounty buying Beauty Booty Butt Babes bio-balance’ best bargains.

My Master Mind Melanin Messiahs; Mental Models. Manufacturing marketing methods, militarized money making means-modes – mechanisms. Manifesting materialized multimillionaires monuments – movements. Mutual mixing – mingling more meaningful music media = mastered mediums, micro-macro – mega – meta-Musics.     

Investors: Investing into inventive – innovative, instinctive – intuitive; Immaculate Imagination. Involving immediate intellectual inputs, innate – intrinsic – indwelling “Infinite Intelligence” Internalized introspection! Incoming investment interests incurring – increasing industry.

OK YAWLS: WE’s & Us’s; make up the most as a majority, melaninated membrane members. Messiah mental models; manifested mixtures; of mankind – womankind – humankind.

YES: We’s & Us’s have rewritten our originating history, = HUEMAIN HOLISTOY HERITAGE HEALTH; holistic humane healing help; Hotep. And knowledgeable Africoidians in the Americas as Aboriginal ascendants of All Alpha-Africa1Alkebulan, shall no longer afford to buy books; with the religious “racist” “White & Black” branding!

Nor will we support “Black Supremacy” & “White Supremacy”; separatist – Satanist societies. So let us also, decline to pay our hard earned money, financial funds, to purchase these thoughtless talkers speeches – lectures – documentaries. And refuse today in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge times, to permit prejudiced preaching persons, dictate definitions about who and what we truly are. Entrapping and enslaving our thinking; thus truest thoughts!

PanorAfrica_color blue

IMPOSTORS & IMPERSONATORS; Acting as though they were and are actually Africa’s ancient Egyptians-Kemetians. Wearing our original creative artworks – ancestral artifacts. And are abject aberrations and affectations, (adjectives as colors black and or white)

Giving themselves names that do not belong to anybody outside our organic organisms origins-originality. Expressly, identities and tittles, as Amen, ANKH, Assar – Asset, Isis, Osiris, Heru ….etc. And in fact of reality and actuality, no direct nor indirect connections to truly, bio-bodily being, Aboriginal Africoidian ascendants. 
Yes yawls, they’re dumb down duped “descendants”. Devilishly and demonically devolved and downtrodden. We’s & U’s ‘can tell them by the fake fruit that they bear’, bring about and as positive productions. Butt none today, are building PANORAMIC PYRAMIDS. Nor Kingdom & Empires!

Each time one term themselves the “black race” as opposed to the; “white race”, you’ll know who and what they truly are; impostors and impersonators!

Yet, there’s absolutely no sure signs that their Mitochondrial RNA & DNA CODES, corresponds with, Arthiest Actionaries, Authentically Authorized, Appointed Ancestry and Anointed Artistry. Advancing Atum-Atom AMEN ANKH and ascending; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Americ-Afric-Aspora!

These treacherous tricksters, predatory profiteers, are actually still living within wicked witchcraft westernized ways. Inside of a man made manufactured maze, mind maiming mesmerizing MATRIX

While never knowing anything actualized and realized life inside and within MOTHER MAATRIX.


Page 2:

HUEMAINIANS – Huemainicans, = holistic humans, humanity – humankind – humanoids, are all actual atoms, and atmospheric attributes. Biological Bodily Beings baby born blessed birthright and better beneficially bestowed bloodlines. Our orgasmic – organic – originating organism. We’s & Us’s really live and truly exist, well within and inside, MOTHER MAATRIX

KNOW+KNOWN = KNOWLEDGE: = Blackosmos (cosmos), Blackenetics, Blackscience, Blacksoul, Blackpower, Blacksupremacy, Blackarbon(carbon), Blacklife, Blackology – Blackologist, Blackemistry-Blackemist (chemistry-chemist), Blacknight, Blackolor (color), Blackreation (creation), Blackore (core), Blackspace, Blackodes (codes); Blackulture (culture) Blackmedia-melanin-medium; Blackristal (crystal); ?!”black holes”-“black matter”!? {Approx amounting about 10% to 12% Know-ers!}

BOGUS BELIEFS: Bribed and Brainwashed believers BLACKLIST: = “The Black Journal”; “The Black Agenda”; “Black Liberation”; “The black community”; “black money”; “black dollars”; “Black Muslims”; “The Black Church”; “black Hebrews-Yews”; “black Christians”; “Bring Black Back”; “Black Lives Matter”; “Buy Black”; “black women”; “black men”; black boys &  black girls”; “black people”; “black parents”; “black mothers and fathers”; “The Black Race”; “The Black Caucus”; The Black Students Union”;

“The Black Group”; “black teachers, educators, instructors, scholars”; “Black Africans”; “Black Americans”; “black Indians”; “black Egyptians”; “black politicians”; “black wife”; “black husband”; “black man”; “black woman”; “black family”; “black neighborhood”; “black bodies”; “black business”; “black cops – police”; “black lawyers”; “Black US President”; “black athletes”: “black doctors – surgeons – nurses”; “Black God”; “Black Jesus”; “Black Entertainment TV” = BET; “The Traditional Black Colleges” universities – schools; “The Black Madonna”; “the black woman is god”; “black folks”;  Equals = Blacklanology – Blackoligion!! {Approx. amounting about 88% to 90% believers!}


Thoughts = Things Too: Those listed above in the aforementioned paragraph, truthfully they only exist (wickedly) within internalized incarcerations – invidious insidious institutionalized imprisonment. Inclusively, inside, the man made media , manufactured mind maiming – misleading – misguiding, mesmerizing MAZE-MATRIX

CURE: Correctly contrasting, conversing conscious – conscience – cognizance. Completely comprehending center carbon core creation cradle; concurrently corresponding Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR.

TRUTH: This Transitional Timetable of Year 2016, I’ve seen and heard those termed, thus terming themselves the” “blacks”; haven’t truly learned leadership lessons. Nor has/have come out with and in a Clean Slate. Completely cultured – concurrently cured!

Instead, they’re trying to take We’s & Us’s right around back into their predatory profiteering black-bags, buckets – and “Black Holes” Hades hell!

The main media monsters, melaninated minority-majority members, are the primary politicized problems. So self said, doctors, professors, scholars, teachers – preachers,historians and y’all name the them too!

These treacherous tricksters, has/have committed themselves to telling untruths and longstanding lies to their listening audiences and paying constituents attending “conscious community” conferences!

And always, attaching an adverse adjective, black color to all Afro-African Americans, and Aboriginal Africoidians. Anybody of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry; who may/might look like they do, in superficial surface skin shades – sunshine sheen. So y’all better-best beware of Maze-Matrixic Maimed Mindsets!!


 FULL FLEDGED FREEDOM: Which in turn might mean mental + mechanical militaristic warfare, with those who insist on imposing their terrifying thoughts upon humanity = HUEMAINITY. Glibly attempting to black-a-fy and white-a-fy every bio-bodily being!

Some Sociopath Slavers, says, well, now that you know, all about us, what are you going to do about it? Arrogant asinine assess, who don’t truly KNOW, who I AM?! The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 Avatar Avenger, called – chosen and sent Son of SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY!!!
The Wild Wise One, who slipped through the nets, cracks and crevices; and the holes in the bottom of the buckets. And my mission is not to try and cure or correct  CauCrazians criminal corruption, cellular cancer causing chemicals. Butt better baby born birthed, bestowed by being bravely bold bio-bodily blessed. Thus to redeem, and deliver and save the Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls & Spirits of My Melaninated Membrane Members. Approx. about 10% to 12% totals. The Lights & The Darks!!
On the other hand, the remaining, Approx.. about 88% to 90%, I have no part in nor with them. They’re on their own. Un-redeemable, unrepentant, un-remorseful and un-regretful!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; are advancing – as an asset accruing and affluently accelerating. I’ve imagined and envisioned  this Virtual-Visual Reality; raising Rare Riches, Reaping Royalties, Rendering Resources,  Returning Righteous Reciprocity.
You never loose, and always winning wealth with your personalized purchases, paid powers. Immediate individualized investor, receive, rewards at once; the appreciating anointed artworks. Authentically authorized Arthiest Actionaries as activated annuity.

Wisely with wisdom, think not just about yourself, butt, better blessedly, think in terms of  our oncoming offspring, generations of children – kids on their merry way; into this world of wealthy wisdom. Even those who haven’t yet been born. Write out you Will, and who is to inherit your paid purchased powers. Specify strictly, prospective grandchildren and great-grand sons and daughter, for their financed funded future freedom!

After all, you can’t take anything other than the casket cloths with you to your cemetery grave. We now knew this to be totally true, even if you’re cremated!

Children’s College Class Curriculum:

Mother Africa Earth Nature_GWN_glorified

 “THE FIRST PEOPLES: Ancient Voices – New Evidence Shows That The First Americans Were BLACK!”

THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: I tell my True-Up U-turn terms: Ascendants of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Aboriginal Africoidians – AmeriAfrindians! Early EARTHORS of MOTHER EARTH – NATIVE NATURE!  


American + African: Activates Atoms; actualized atomic actions, atmospherics = +0-9 activities. Yes y’all starting counting numerals from 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, then Stop-Point-Blank-Period

Acronyms as Arthiest Actionaries. ARCH ANGEL ANKH ATUM-ATOM AMEN .

OK YAWLS: Artistically apprehending atomic activities, are Afro-African American arms as Arthiest Actionaries. See?Energy empowerment, harnessing the Creative Cosmic Chemistry, correctly called; BLACHEMISTRY of the BLACOSMOS.….

Accelerating Advantage: As an advertising artist. And as activists as Americans + Africans, all adds as admixtures and as an; amalgamated – aggregated America + Africa!! I am artfully apprehending, and activating an ancient ancestral atomic atmosphere. It’s Angelic, atmospheric, atomic in all attributes.  An Ark – Anchor, An authentically authorized, appointed ancestry and anointed artistry.

Examples of Acronyms acronym is a pronounceable word formed from the first letter or first few letters of each word in a phrase or title. Sometimes the newly-combined letters create a new word that takes the place in everyday language. Using this shortened form of a word or phrase can speed up communication

AFRICAUCASOIDIANS =  Africoid + Caucasoid: Aboriginals, Albinoriginals. AMERICANS-AFRICANSAmericans-Africans, admixtures – amalgamations – aggregations. Across America & Africa. Afric-Us+Caucas-Us. An angry argument: ‘I ain’t got no Gringo-Anglo in me’!

Perhaps also they proclaim and profess publicly, ‘I’m pure white’ and ‘I’m pure black’; ‘I’m pure brown’. ‘I have all Caucasian blood, bloodlines, birthrights. ‘I’m of the superior white race’! ‘I’m of the superior black race’. ‘I know my roots and family background’; ‘I had my DNA tested’. ‘ I came from Africa and not America’; I came from Europe-Eurasia and not Africa’. ‘We are all of different races’! Really?  +


Scientists say they've discovered a new species of human relative in the Rising Star cave in the Cradle of Humankind world heritage site outside Johannesburg

 MAGALIESBURG, South Africa (AP) — Scientists say they’ve discovered a new member of the human family tree, revealed by a huge trove of bones in a barely accessible, pitch-dark chamber of a cave in South Africa. The creature shows a surprising mix of human-like and more primitive characteristics — some experts called it “bizarre” and “weird.”

Read more at:

 YES Y’all, We’s & Us’s are all Americans and Africans Alive. Accurately ascertained, acknowledged and accepted Aboriginal Attributes. Advancing All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Africaspora + AmericAfricAspora!

My Master Mind Melanin  Messiah’s multiplex melaninated minority – majority members making more millions mixtures, mass media mental models. Meaningful material matter!

Better beneficially baby born births, blessed by being bio-bodily beauteous basic brown; bluish – blackish, reddish – yellowish, whitish – pinkish pale pigmented persons. Planetary public people’s prolific procreating populations!

Cosmetic Coloration Complexions: Superficial surface skin shades + sunshine sheen. Terrestrial – territorial tissue tones – tans – tints. True talents, teaching timetables terminology; thus telling the total truths 100%+ positive proofs = Promocratics!

All Human Lives Matter of mankind, womankind and humankind. Humanity’s Holistory Heritage Health + holistic healing historic Humanoids. The Lights & Darks!! +

Holistory Heritage Health + Hue-Main-Kind-Right-Law!!!

Albino_Animals_5xAlbinonoidian baby-Africoidian mother

Facebook posting: 

 HUMAINS = HUE-MAINITY = HUE-MAINKIND, That’s We’s & Us’s predating Europe or Europeans or Eurasians. = Early EARTHORS. As Aboriginal Africoidians dark skinned bio-bodily beings, in advance to Albinoriginals, as light skinned Caucasian Caucasoidians.


 Nevertheless, Y’all always remember the “Piltdown Man” pseudo-science, fabricated – falsified and fraudulent finding of evilly evolved Europeans. They can’t ever be totally trusted to tell the total truths 100%+ positive proofed = proved. Some Caucasoid Caucasian concocted photo-picture tells us nothing to true values. They form fictitious theories then try to trick our minds into believing that truthfully know what on planet earth they’re talking all about. Unreliable and truthful and untrustworthy, history says so!

All Originally came from an African mother of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa =

Albinoriginals – Alboriginals – Africoidians, Albino humanoids and albino animals – apes, are different species, and never-ever evolved from each other. That’s a fraud in fact lie of leading liars = pseudo-sinister-science;


Humanoids-humans_color neg image

 YES: There is no letting up on the persistent protesters. Those American citizens; of each-every Ethnicity, who are sick and tired and fed up with the entire evil Eu-Rope-an empire. They intend to stop the Slavers  Satanic Sociopath System and sink it successfully. Seeing it submerged!

The demonstrators are marching on Washington, DC, Capitol Hill. Demanding that the Oval Office of the United States President Barack Hussein Obama, force the prejudice Patty police and crazy CauCrazian criminal cops, from further violating the Human Rights and Civil Rights of Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Amerindians – Afrasians and as; I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.
Nevertheless, there’re those thinking that this is going to simply just blow over, and die out sooner or later. Butt, this is it, and the happy Honky dory go lucky lackluster leaders, are actually lost losers. Not realizing that today, a compelling cosmic creative chemistry and conscientious circuitry of circumstances and concurrent civic conditions, are consummately cognizant, commanding complete climatic charged changes!!!
The Boastful Banking Bully Boys & Big Brother’s bottom-baseline, is being bankrupt broken back down to the; national nitty gritty grassroots grounds of gangrene grotesque growths!
TRULY: The biggest business will not be as usual; butt, unusual. Certain citizens blatantly blocked off from reaching their jobs, employment enterprises. They aren’t able to even enter the building being burned, bombarded by renegade rouge revolutionary rebels. They’re trying to strangle and choke the barbaric behaving beast, they same way that it did them; as helpless and defenseless Africans in America! (“This is not a white and black problem!’) This all about how humans are being held hostages, inside Hades hell holes of hideously hostile hatred of holistically healthy humanoids:

???????????????????????????????????????“We R NO RACE”

 An Affluent Aggregated Amalgamation Affront: As accelerating admixtures – advancing ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians. And accented Afro-African-Americans, Anglo-Afri-Americans, Afri-Asi-Americans – Afrasian-Americans. An All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

The Lights & The Darks: skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints. Complete children of cosmetic coloration complexions; blue-blacks, browns, redbones, high yellows + pearly pale pink pigmented persons; of the public people’s planetary population!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codesDarkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image


Remember to take Notes vs. Votes:COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; eliminates – exterminates into extinction out of existence; racialist religious politics and or politicized religions!

Therefore, nobody in our human flesh and blood, bone and marrows, are categorically classified; as a “Black” per se, nor a “White”!!

NEXT NOW TODAY; With the World Wide Web, Internet, online alternative media, talk radio shows, hosted by those “Black” branding themselves, and all other Afro-African-Africans, has hideously hurt, and harmed the healthful healing of holistic humanity.

Melanesian kids blonde hair brown skin“The Human Zoo Science’s Dirty Little Secret pt 4 of 4”

TREACHEROUSLY: They’re using the technologies, to further force their ill-wills upon those of us who are already amalgamated, aggregated as admixtures. In high hopes of making us feel bad about ourselves and diverse cosmetic coloration complexions. Boastfully broadcasting “The Black Agenda”; “Black Power”; “Black Liberation Movement”; “Black Talk Radio”; “Black Autonomy Radio”; so forth and so on, unscientifically, yet politically – religiously, becoming far too black! {read research ref. ]

an heartbutt ass-4anima%20butterfly_4.gif

BUTT: In other simple words of wisdom, there are no scientific rational reasons to think in terms of a “RACE”. Which is a bogus bias – bigoted – blatantly bad belief!

Amalgamation and Aggregation as Admixtures arrives; generating the Genesis Genius Generations of the grandly great Gifts of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. The better bestowed birth, of the baby born blessed beginnings; of The COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Americanized Aboriginal Africoidians, as American + African + Indian = AmeriAfrindians.

Mother Africa Eath Nature_globe_K-frame blue

First Out of Africa – The totally isolated Tribe of the Andaman (Sky Vision Documentary)

What make these Black-Baptist big brave bullies, believe that they’re better than the Why-ites? Who is actually “White”? Why attack Albinoriginal – Albinoidians as Africoidians, just because of the cosmetic coloration complexion? Do these thoughtless American citizens who commonly call themselves; “Black African-Americans” or “African-American Blacks”; know that they are the real Racialists, reacting to the religious racists?

Albino boy1….

RA Rayz vs “Race” + Rayzial vs. “Racial” + Rayzist vs. “Racist” + Rayzism vs. “Racism”!! COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: pt.1

HueMainoidians = humanoids: are a Species Sapiens Scientific Specimens Specifics. Howsoever, other life forms may in fact be a; racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion! (nonhuman – reptiles = snakes – serpents – inhumane Satanists)

Who upon planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth, gave these talk show hosts of Radio & TV, and guest speakers, whosoever, they might be; the human rights and HueMainRights; to categorically classify all Africans’n America as being “Blacks”?

albino_bavman..Title: Hue-Mainity = humanity – humankind ..

When did Wexz & Usxz ever take a vote in election numbers, in a cooperative consensus count, to come to these civic conclusions? How could those in their right minds, think that they are justified, with their collective citizenry; black-a-fication = “Black” branding? Did any of these wana-be-black leaders, ever stop to think, that the majority of our melaninated membrane members; are BROWN skinned societies; lighter or darker skinned? Why do these intellectuals and academics, still stealthily; play the “RACE” gambling game; refusing to realize radiance RAYZ?

YES: I listened to talk radio show hosts and guest speakers, and heard her ranting and raving all about “White Supremacy Racism”; She’s sort of a longstanding revolutionary militant minded female. They often have a lots of very important information offered online, as alleged and assumed: “all Black” alternative media. Butt, one major thing that they tend to have in common, overactive Racialism. Robbing and raping royal rich resourceful RAYZIAL radiance realities!
Moreover, in her emotionalized efforts to make meaningful point of views, she stupidly said: ‘The idea or notion that we’re are “post racism” is a joke…, and just because there’s a “black skinned” U.S. President Obama, don’t mean at thing, nothing at all!’

Y’all check this false perception out closely, and see with crystal clear clarity, Barack Hussein Obama, during his first Presidential campaign, proclaimed publicly: “I’m half black and I’m half white”; “Mutts like me”. He said so simply and humorously an happily and healthily and holistically and humanly.
She like far too many melaninated membrane members, minorities making mentions of cosmetic coloration complexions, refuse to realize that his superficial surface skin is actually – factually = BROWN.

Prejudicial persons playing politicized psychology, acting colorblind. And this is a societal secondary semi-sub-sociopath sickness syndrome. Posing personalized psychological problems!

CIVICENTRAL: Civic Central Communication Channels Commands

Collective Citizenry Controls; Co-created community consciousness, circulating invaluable information. Coming from a centric-circle of clean cultured comrades. 

Categorically classified Caucasian Caucasoid-ian citizens, doing away with “white” ; “white people” and “black people”, “black Americans and white Americans; adversely attached adjectives as affectations and aberrations. This is a civic cure to color coded curses, constantly criminalizing Citizen of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions, specifically and strictly superficial surface skin shades, sunshine sheen.

How so ever, if and or when a “nonwhite” Citizen of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry, decides, consciously chooses, to call themselves; “blacks”, or “Niggas”; “Niggers”; Negroes – Negroidians, then that’s their terminology. Butt, it shall never justify those terming themselves,  “Whites” in using this longstanding language, of hate-history!

We’s & Us’s wantonly wish to call our own-selves is one thing, and what westernized world WhitTie whip Cracker Caucrazian Caucasoidian citizens commonly call themselves is another thing. And it do not necessarily need to mean much of anything, when they hire as employees, commonly called “coons”; Coloreds to concede-comply cowardly; to “The Black Codes” criminalizing color-coded curses!

The Sociopath Slavers, Caucasian Captors, coined these tong twisted terms, and stamped his stereotyping stigmas; upon entrapped and enslaved Aboriginal Africoidians, and Afro-African Americans!

Therefore, Americanized Europeans, are restricted and rightly restrained from referring to melaninated minority-majority members as “black people”; “Black Americans”. Ojectionably – obscenely – offensively out of our originating Native Natural Names = NATINDIANS, Amerindians – Afrindians – Am-e-ri-cans, Afrasians – Africarabians, and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1

Africulture_colorAfriculture_ parts 1- 5, instrumental + vocal, free mp3.

Moreover, the above statements are only briefs, short stories that are much longer. And they are posted at other blogs. So y’all keep on reading and reasoning rationally, and no longer let politicized religions rob and rape you of your rightful rare rich royalties + realized resources. Read ref.




Direct Link:

The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification: Bringing biological bodily beings, bonded + blended better beneficially baby born bestowed blessed. Coming cultured clean, correct, cured consummately. Creating classy capital cash currencies. Producing powerful portrait pictures!

Mercifully manufacturing, making more meaningful merchant money = 100%+ pure profit potency x first funded founded financial fortunes $$$

anima%20treasure%20chest.gifSimply Some Stepping Stones: Seemingly soulless societies, seeking, searching satisfactions, fighting fearlessly for financial fulfillment. Butt, enough economics is even not enough =$$$

Basically because, it has to be cleanly cultivated capital cash currency, purified + purged, of politicized – publicized pollution poisons – psychotic propaganda policy practices. Sanitized of sinister sciences, sorceresses, satanic sources. Becoming better beneficially bestowed blessed!

Whatsoever seeds sown, surely so shall one reap. In other plain-o-simplified words of wealthy wisdom, money has to be made mercifully. So that it has hearty health + wealth within. They’re innately intrinsic inputs – implants = internally invaluable.

Invest Interest Intelligently-Intellectually into Infinitive Immaculate Imagination; utilizing unity, understanding Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.       
The talented total truth telling trustworthy treasury; realized recipe reaping rare rich royalties, righteous returns, rendered resources = $$$
Esoteric Extraterrestrial: Environmental evolving evil energy enemy entities, entering every existence = each ecological – economical element = extremist executioners.  

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is our secure safe sacred sanctuary; SOLARSUN STATUTES Stored Stock Shares – Secret Savings The Highest Heavenly Haven. Healthy human household-hidden! 
BUTT BETTER BEWARE: None of the Wall Street Stock Markets, are securely safe for forthcoming future financial fatal fall. Sociopath Slave ships suddenly sunken shock shares – savings = $$$ Regenerative rising risks robbing raping investments and impeding interests. Imploding insurrections!
All Aboard CKNWCA, It is innately – intrinsically, neutral – negative + prospectively progressive positive + projecting protected premium principals. Lets say some simple samples; you’re at the bus stop or depot or train station or airport, ready to board. The vehicle is standing still, going nowhere yet; not moving, forwards nor backwards; upwards or downwards. For rational reasons, it’s time to load-up, paid purchases = PayLoadz per personage passenger percentage. Predictable paved pattern pathways providential proofed profitability =$$$
The capital cash currency carrier car coach, had to Stop-Point-Blank-Period; professional profiteers predatory profit productions. Due to overexposed overrating – overpopulating optimized options, obscene offenses, ongoing opponents opposition!

Takes off of the launching pad, superstar soaring skyrocketing success. Financial funds, fast-forwards and accelerating upwards, into our optimal-orbital objectives; 21st Century Cyber-Space-Age advancing accumulating affluence = $$$
“Past performances do not guarantee future results.” (A.Robbins 2014)

Oncoming offspring outcome; Investment interests insurance income; “We shall overcome”; Bestowed better benefits bountifully become.__
“No matter what anyone tells you, or sells you, there isn’t a single portfolio manager, broker, or financial adviser who can control the primary factor that will determine if our money will last.” (Anthony Tony Robbins 2014.)

Africulture_color neg image“The Murderous Minds Of europeans”

Closed Coloration Cosmetic Complexions: Meaning that the only other outsiders, who wantonly wish to be “Racists”; prejudicial persons, blatant bigots, represent the rest; approx.  about 88% to 90%. They’re never invited, nor welcomed to join our optimized operation-organization. No separatists, segregationists, Satanists – sadists – sexists. Keep out and Stop Point Blank Period. MP3

albinos Africoidians_mother and children

Next notes…

YES: I completely comprehend and artfully apprehend; Holistory Heritage Health = holistic human history; inclusively, how hostile and hideously hateful humanity can be. I AM still studying to show myself affluently approved unto my melaninating Sovereign Solar SUNGODD DEITY. (“Study to show thyself approved unto God.”)

BUTT; better beneficially born blessed, being biologically-bodily balanced BROWN; in superficial skin surface; I have happily learned leadership lessons. That We’s & Us’s are of our Originating Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1.

And under the current civic conditions, climatic charged circuitry changes, citizens collectively are called together as one HueMainKind, and under one HueMainLaw, of one only, HueMain-Rayz. RAYZ vs. “RACE”!!

Moreover, all of those trying to go against AFRICAMEN-RA; resist radiance Rayzial realities, and remain “racists” and or racialists; are being wiped-washed off the face of the planet. One way or the other, sooner than later; receive the death punitive penalty!
EFFECTUALLY ESTABLISHING: Love Peace & Harmony humanely, thus to truly ‘Know Thy Self’ and TO LOVE THY SELF.

Jesustice Jesus Justice_color 1500Title: JESUSTICE1 JUSTICE JUDGMENT!!!
URL: ..

YES: There shall surely be no Love Peace & Harmony, among humankind, mankind, womankind, until JESUSTICE; completely replaces religious racism. There can be no such thing as JUSTICE, as long as Slavers Satanic Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, subsists or survives and strives!

“The Concept of Race with Richard Lewontin” “I think you need to reject the notion that race is a sensible biological concept for humans”

Americanized Africans: Adopted and Adapted to the Devilish Demonic Darwinism devolved definitions: “RACE”; “The White Race” and “The Black Race”. Sinister Scientific Satanism, Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Satanically stereotyping, stigmatizing superficial skin surface!










COSMIC CREATOR’S: Correspondence cognizance co-creating compassionate caring concerns, collective communions, cyber-cosmic creative chemistry. Conclusively cheerful, churcharish collective citizenry. Courageous commission calling causes, conceptual Chriystory _ Christory = cataloging CHRIST  JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!

Correctly called Chriystology – Chrystologist: Sincerely studying subjects strictly – specific story, all about the truest human history – happenings, Adding an allegory as assumed and alleged activities – actualities. Yet never truly occurred until today, manifesting material matter, My Master Mind Melanin Messiah. A self-fulfilling prophecy-prophesy positively projected – perfected!  +

 YES:I am revealing and rightly reporting racialists – “racist” religious radicals, whosoever, they might be. I’m on nobody’s side other than the Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How  hypnotic human hatred has historical harmed-hurt holistic healthy humanity-humankind!

Model Garcelle Beauvais_baby boy mixe rayz

NEGATIVE NAMING: Now nationalist Negroes = Negroidians, “Niger” = N…words; are proudly calling themselves “Black People”. Foolishly and unwisely, a grave number of them are longstanding lost losers. They have accepted the terrorist terms initially imposed upon them, through historical human hatred. By those transgressor tyrants, tormentor thugs terming themselves as; “White People”!

CODIFIED CURSES: Consequently, Creative Cosmic Chemistry, concocts criminalizing civic conditions concurrently. And in other simpler sayings, Spirituality or Spiritiosity, is systemically, systematically sucked out of the better blessed bio-bodily beings. And replaced by; repressive – regressive – regenerative; “racist” religiosity!

“Reference: White and Albinism

BlacKlan_weaveBlacKlan – BlacKlanology, Black Klan & White Klan + BlacKlanocide!

Today The American Anthropological Association declares there is no such thing as race which is merely a “social construct.” If that is the new scientific principle, then…there are plenty of scientific facts to back up this principle. According to The South African Institute for Medical Research in review – Journal of South African Science, THE HIGH FREQUENCY OF ALBINISM IN AFRICA provides more clues to early African history.

Albinorignal-Albinoidan-Africoidians3The Department of Human Genetics at the SAIMR is currently involved with numerous research projects, most related to human genetic disorders and population origins–one of these, ‘Albinism in African peoples’ having received particular attention because it offers new insights into the historical movement of peoples in sub-Saharan Africa. “

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THE BLACK CODES CURSE: Conversely criminalizing colorless codifications. These are colonialist – capitalist – corporatist criminals, crazy CauCrazians; commonly called CaucAsians, cold climate Caucasoidians.

They concocted this thought of treachery and twisted terminology trickery. Claiming cosmetic coloration complexions, are “all black” “races. When in factual actual reality, “Colored People” and of People of Color; comes in each and every HueMain-Rayz. Blue-black, brown, redbone, high-yellow, + pearly pale pink pigmented persons of the public people’s planetary populations, period.

They turned the color black into a racist religious politic. A negative naming word of Westernized world wizardry, WhitTies wicked witchcraft. So self said; “Whites”. Consequently, this has caused concurrent curses, to the consciousness – cognizant awareness; of those who are being black branded by bogus beliefs, bias bigotry, based on bastardized black bitchcraft!
Unfortunately, far too many melaninated membrane members, Civil Rights Leaders – Groupies – Organizations, “Black Power Movements”; “Black Liberation Army”; “Black Panther Party…., fail to fully understand this terrorist term of the “Negro Codes” = “The Black Codes” = “Niger” – “Niggerish“ = N…words. In which, keep the thinking mind, in a satanic slavery state!

Colorblind Coded Curses: Conscientiously captivated – captured, confined and caged inside cellular confusions, and conscious chaos. Community civic combustible conflicts!

SAMBO SLAVERS: self-sacrifices, Self-suicides, self-serving, secondary sub-semi-sociopath societies. Perpetually producing psychopathic personalities, plaguing People of Color of Africa’s ascent. Affected Afro-African-Americans.

Mis-leaders, more mindless than colorless, basically because, they bought into, this National negative name; “The Black Race”; “Black People”; reinforcing, regenerating radicalized racialist-racist reverberating realities. Returning resonance retributions – retaliations. Rendering Renegade Rouge Reptilian Race Religion!

Albinoriginal girs_Africoidian girls

SAMBO SLAVERS: sold sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, serve SATAN. Approx. about; 88% to 90%, shall never be redeemed and Divinely  Declared Delivered Declared Deliberated. And civil liberty can’t make them liberated. No Justice and No Peace upon the planet Mother Earth for them. And money matters in the minutest least. It’s a mandated must; to do indeed, remorsefully – regretfully, repent righteously as opposed to religiously!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz _2014 002 SURVIVAL: Surely depend upon everybody letting go of each and every single one of their; Racist Radicalized Rouge Renegade Reptilian RACE RELIGIONS!

Approx. about 10% to 12%: have Saved Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, successfully serving SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY. Divine Decreed Disc = Deified Dimensional Domain. COMFORTER COURAGEOUS COMMANDER CHIEF COLOR KINGDOM New World  Creative Arts:

Commanding Climatic Conditions + Compelling Circumstances: Continues causing citizens to become conscious of these cosmetic coloration complexions. These Cosmic Creative Chemistry; compels complete compliance!

Next news notes CNN blog
YES: The SOLARSUN‘S vivid vibration frequencies, has sped up its wavelengths. Rayzial ratio-rates, running realized races; exceedingly fast forwards. Creating crazy criminal CauCrazians vs. clean cultured CaucAsians! ‘White on White crimes and vicious violence’!!

Hue-Main-Kind, has to speed up our vibratory volumes x velocities + values. The Native Natural Nutritional – Nourishing Necessitated Need. Healthy homegrown green garden growths of Mother Nature Earth’s Vitalizing Vibrating VegePlanTerRain 

Eating and drinking clean cultured chlorophyll collards, to clean out criminalizing corruptions, conscious confusions, civic chaos, corrosive curses – cancer causing clinical concoctions. = corrective concurrent counter-combative CURE!
Basically because individual insurgents, might boast and brag and “online espouse ideology”; idiotic ignorance as ignoramuses, “that is anti-government or anti-police” crooked cop killers, do not necessarily make those terrorist threats “translate into a murderer,” manslaughter, the same wicked ways angry Anglo-American lawless enforcers fatally shoot down daily in cold-hot blood, Afro-African-Americans. My People of Color of Africa’s ascent. Unarmed citizens just because they can get away with it…so they think. But bad Karma catches back up with “White Supremacy”; racist one way or the other, sooner or later and now today! Question? “What happened to change these two people into murderers, we don’t know.”? The correct answer is Phantom-Phatom-Physics-1; reveals + reports Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

Next needed notes….

Howsoever y’all wisely want to flip it in grayscale graphics. Wexz & Usxz, are dealing with geometry, cosmic creative chemistry, solarized sciences, mathematics and arithmetic, numbers, and sacred spirituous symbols. Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Design, Deliberated & Deified Dimensional Domain. Lords Love Life Light Locks!
“Amun (also Amon, Amen, Greek Ἄμμων Ámmōn, Ἅμμων Hámmōn) was a local deity of Thebes. He was attested since the Old Kingdom together with his spouse Amaunet. With the 11th dynasty (c. 21st century BC), he rose to the position of patron deity of Thebes by replacing Monthu. After the rebellion of Thebes against the Hyksos and with the rule of Ahmose I, Amun acquired national importance, expressed in his fusion with the Sun god, Ra, as Amun-Ra.” Do our Christian church congregations reallly know what Amen mean?

AMEN-RA, of Z-BlackRayz and of Z-Blac-Keyz. The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATORS’ Omnipresent Originat-Org-One-1 Plus + Pure Photon-Proton Potency Powered; Phantom-Phatom-Physics-1Perfected Pyramidal  Panorama Phenomena! 
RAYZ vs. “RACE“: “Ra or Re /is the ancient Egyptian solar deity. By the Fifth Dynasty (2494 to 2345 BC) he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, (correction we had a spiritual way of living, not religious.) identified primarily with the midday sun. The major cult centre of Ra was Heliopolis (called Iunu, “Place of Pillars”, in Egyptian),where he was identified with the local sun-god Atum. Through Atum, or as Atum-Ra, he was also seen as the first being and the originator of the Ennead, consisting of Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys.” The solar sun source of all life, living organisms, plants – animals and humans, biological bodily beings!
“Ra and the sun: To the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made the sun deity very important, as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created. The sun disk was either seen as the body or eye of Ra. Ra was the father of Shu and Tefnut, whom he created. Shu was the god of the wind, and Tefnut was the goddess of the rain. Sekhmet was the Eye of Ra and was created by the fire in Ra’s eye. She was a violent lioness.” Our one and only Giant Generator and foremost first family food foundation!
Yawls remember to Note vs. Vote. That the Ancestral Ancient Egyptians-Kemetians were Aboriginal Africoidian ascendants, of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa! And the Eurocentric historians hate to tell the whole wide world, that these HueMain-Rayz, were Africans.
We were and still are Genesis Grand Great Gifted Geniuses. Inventors, Co-creators, of the sciences, music – art – dance. Inclusively, psychology and physiology, and the primary principals of philosophy. So self said, “Whites”; commonly called Caucasians, CauCrazians, Caucasoidians, can’t stand to teach these truths 100%+. And has historically told fraud in fact lies of leading lost loser liars. = His-story of human hatred and hideous hostilities! But this is My-Story + Our-Story = Holistory Heritage Health Healing! 

Next notes…

Albinoriginal_Albinoidian-Africoidian2Title: JESUSTICE1 JUSTICE JUDGMENT!!!

RA-VEALATIONS + REVELATIONS: “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Indubitably, THE COMFORTER COMMANDER CHIEF  COLOR  KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. “Thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.” Yes AMEN-RA!

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid “. The leading Lord’s Love Life Light Locks. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

The Mysterious Magical Mythic Man:“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying , I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” Then thus the true JESUSTICE CHRIYST; professor of Justice & Judge; says, solemnly shining serenely throughout the crystal blue skies.

I AM An Arthiest Actionary, arisen and arrived, as an Avatar Avenger. Arch Angel Atom AMEN-RA Serving Son of SUNGODD DEITY! 
There is no other SOLARSUN seen shinning in our Solar System’s Spirit Source Sciessence Systream. All other gods or “God”; are mysterious manmade manufactured mythologies = Mytholigions. This total told truth 100%+, is My Master Mind Melanin Messiah, Real-Live-Vision = RealiVision  vs. Racist Religion!!

Spiritics + Promotics vs. Religious Politics!!
OMNIPRESNT ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1: “Old things has passed away, Behold, I make all things new”; “And I saw a new earth and a new heaven.” The Allegory story says as it is well written: “Jesus answered , Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.” “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

In whom the false god of man, posing as SUNGODD DEITY, of this whole wide world, hath colorblind mindsets. Which believe not, lest the Lord’s Love Life Light Locks, of the glorious good gospels of the CHRIYSTRIX, should shine unto them; JESUSTICE; which is the image of Atom AMEN-RA!
“Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” And I AM Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 attesting artworks as acts, authentic attributes and authorized appointed ancient ancestry and anointed artistry.
Long lost losers Love Peace & Harmony!?  “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Thus to cut asunder all antagonist adversaries, alien agencies acting as asinine ass angry Aryan-Angloidian-America Al Qaida Official Operatives. And a Sharp-two-edged sword   to Spiritually slice up the materialistic money making mentalities; of self-serving soulless sellout SAMBOES!

CaucAfricans – CaucAfricAsians – CaucAsiAfricans: Are those transitional traits, haplotype hybrid-humans, who were migratory melanin-less mutant membrane members, of the cold climate Caucasus caves. And after thousands of years passing by, they entered – interred inside the geographical land mass of continental All-Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa.


Solar Sungodd Deity1 | Photos and Images | Digital Art

 Solar Sungodd Deity1

Direct Link:

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: Is indubitably, a cosmic creative conscious controller; Courageous Commander Chief of compassionate comforts, clean cultured, compass capital cash currencies. Collective career commission calling cause, complete corrective clinical cure!

Devilish Demonic Devolving Deep Depression Diagnosis; ‘Manic Depressive Psychosis’; Predatory politician-physicians prejudicial prognosis; Holding humans hostage inside a hateful hypnosis; Tactical terrorist treacherous tricksters thrombosis; Oceanic oncoming osmosis.__
SUNGODD DEITY; Truly trumps their terrifying terrorizing “God” of the alleged and assumed: “Holy Bible” “Old & New Testament”!!

Tomfoolery: Their foolish faith is a bogus belief, based upon who or what one chooses to believe; without any positive proofs. Expressly, in a religious rationalized reasoning.. Butt better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being an avid Bible reader and researcher, over my life’s time, I have happily concluded that I personally don’t KNOW, and never KNEW, who their make believe “God”; nor Who & What “He” is? 

HEATXZ: Howsoever to me means helium + hydrogen., a creative cosmic chemistry and combustible circuitry. That’s concurrently charged cycles causing climatic changes!
SOLARSUN: Simpler so said; Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul, Server + SaviorSpirit Source Science System’s Sciessence SystreamA strictly specific scientific study, stopping spooky superstitions!!

In other wealthy words within world’s witty wisdom, we’re are to keep our full focus on optically optimized objectives; operating our organic organizations + organisms. Seeking sure Solar-Sun systems, sunshine to run and energize engines. Heat homes – housing, businesses – companies – corporations, as a primary potency powered Phantom-Phatom-Physics!
YES: Y’all now know that SOLARSUN, is our Solar System’s one and only Server & Savior. Thus to stop-point-blank-period, politically plaguing + poisoning and polluting the public people’s planetary populations. Primary Principality Protection Planet Mother Nature Earth!!!

Moreover, their imaginary, fictitious, fairy tale, folklore fallacy; man-made “God”; doesn’t even exist, only inside their manufactured mindsets. And can’t Co-Create nor Generate Genesis Genius, Gracious Gifts as The Grandly Great GENERATOR!!!

I’ve imagined and envisioned energy entities, every evolving, expanding exponentially. “Almighty Lord God”; that supposed to be above all other gods, to my Master Mind Melanin Messiah, means; ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!
I remove the singled – separated – segregated saying; “God” and attached it back into ancient ancestral Aboriginal Africoidians,  All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa. Correctly combined-compounded composition: SUNGODD DEITYDivine Decreed Disc – Deified Dimensional Domain. 
Officially our originating optical observation; Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE1 = ORGIGINATOR.

Jesustice Jesus Justice_neg image 1500“Racism- A History”

As AlbinOriginals of Africoidian ascent, these terrestrial – territorial travelers, did not necessarily need to become, as some say; “de-pigmented”. Basically because, biological bodily beings, already had the lightest – brightest – whitest superficial surface skin. Plus+ anima blue_and_brownpearly pale pink pigmentation!

AfriCaucAsians: as admixtures all arrived after their tissue transitory travels. Membranes mutated multiple members; making manifested mixtures. According to how LOVE GODDESS MOTHER NATURE EARTH & FIRST FATHER SUNGODD DEITY,Divinely Decreed Deliberated + Declared Delivered!

The Highest Heaven Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How!
“Ra, or better know as Amun Ra, gained popularity and fame from Dan Brown’s novel ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘Da Divanci Code.’ Robert Langdon, in the novel ‘The Lost Symbol’, explained to his students at Harvard University how he prayed to Ra during full moon nights with others who believed in this mystical Egyptian King, who many advised was a being of another world.

Langdon went on to explain how George Washington, too, prayed to Amun Ra. For me as an author, my introduction to Amun Ra was done by Jordan Maxwell, who explained, as to why Christians say ‘Amen’ at the end of each prayer. This is due to the fact The Vatican Church always wanted to pay tribute to King Ra, whose life they cloned into their own version called ‘The Bible’, and its Character Jesus Christ, who lived the exact same life as Ra; while Ra was born 3,000 years before Jesus.”

“Why do Christians worship the Egyptian Sun God “Amen Ra?”?

Christians have all these other stories about where the word Amen came from, and what it means, but the first Amen, that existed long before Christianity came about was the Egyptian sun god “Amen Ra” Go look it up… So why are you worshipping an Egyptian Sun God? Is Christianity an Egyptian religion? Are Isis and mary, and horus and jesus all the same thing? Why does the pope have an egyptian obelisk (phallus) at the Vatican in the courtyard?”
“Egypt’s Sun God, Ammon Ra! The Egyptian god, Ammon Ra is the main god,or the sun god in this religion. He defeats Set the god of darkness and storms, every night to become the sun and bring the day to earth.
Amon and Ra: Amon- Egyptian god of life and reproduction aka wind-god, god of Thebes, helper of pious. Described as a man with a Ram’s head. Ra- Egyptian god of supreme diety aka god of the sun, god of the earth, and sky, Father of Matt, National god. Described as Man with a hawk’s (or falcon’s) head crowned with a solar disc and uraeus“.

“A solar deity (also sun god/dess) is a sky deity who represents the Sun, or an aspect of it, usually by its perceived power and strength. Solar deities and sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms. Hence, many beliefs have formed around this worship, such as the “missing sun” found in many cultures.”
Psalms 84:11: “For the Lord God is a sun and shield.” Malachi (4:2), which immediately precedes the New Testament and in which the author refers to the “Sun of Righteousness” who will “arise with healing in his wings.” “Christ is the Morning Light, the rising Sun, Mal. 4:2.” John 1:9: “The true light that enlightens every man was coming into the world.” “…in his right hand he held seven stars, from his mouth issued a sharp two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining in full strength.”
YES: We’re at warfare; Counting Down to Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3 – 4.The End Time Days Of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations Are Now Beckoning = Judge + Justice: CHRIYST JESUSTICE! (Mistaken for “Jesus Christ”.)



“The Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) was a Pan-Africanist organization founded by Malcolm X in 1964. The OAAU was modeled on the Organisation of African Unity, which had impressed Malcolm X during his visit to Africa in April and May 1964. The purpose of the OAAU was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among Africans and people of African descent in the Americas.”

Africarmor_color neg imageAFRICARMOR

“On July 17, 1964, Malcolm X was welcomed to the second meeting of the Organization of African Unity in Cairo as a representative of the OAAU.
Malcolm_X_ Little_Red….
When a reporter asked whether white people could join the OAAU, Malcolm X said, “Definitely not.” Then he added, “If John Brown were still alive, we might accept him.”“

“We appreciate the fact that when the people involved have real equality and justice, ethnic intermingling can be beneficial to all. We must denounce, however, all people who are oppressive through their policies or actions and who are lacking in justice in their dealings with other people, whether the injustices proceed from power, class, or “race.” We must be unified in order to be protected from abuse or misuse.” (Min. Mr. Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red 1964-65)

Next needed notes..

“At the request of Ebony Magazine, Ossie Davis, the playwright-actor, searched his soul and came up with the following passionately eloquent statement:
I am a Negro. I am clean, black and I smile a lot. Whenever I want something–to get a job in motion pictures, for instance, or on television or to get a play produced on Broadway, whenever I need a political favor–I go to white folks. White folks have money. I do not. White folks have power. I do not. All of my needs — financial, artistic, social my need for freedom — I must depend on white folks to supply. That is what is meant by being a Negro.
Malcolm X used to be a Negro, but he stopped. He no loner depended on white folks to supply his needs — psychologically or sociologically — to give him money or lead his fight for freedom or to protect him from his enemies or to tell him what to do. Malcolm X did not hate white folks, nor did he love them. Most of all, he did not need to tell them who he was. Above all, he was determined to make it on his own. That was why Malcolm was no longer a Negro. Malcolm was a man, a black man! A black man means not to accept the system as Negroes do but to fight hell out of the system as Malcolm did. It can be dangerous. Malcolm was killed for it. Nevertheless, I like Malcolm much better than I like myself.”

Moreover, not only did Malcolm-X Little Big Red Shabazz, stop calling himself a Negro, he also started to stop stereotyping the stigma “Black” on himself and his people. This is exactly why he founded; “The Organization of Afro-American Unity.” And that’s more likely why he had a hit put on him, and assassinated, shot down to death and murdered; by Militant Muslims – Mohammedan “Blacks” = Negroes = Negroidians = “Niger” = N…words!
Likewise, the same scenario sent Mr. Min. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Sir; to his MAKER & CREATOR. He stopped short of using the usual word, Negroes, and started, also, saying “Blacks”. He deviated and seem to begin playing party politics, forsaking and forgetting all about “The Old Negro Spirituals”. And shortly afterwards, he was shot down to death, murdered, and assassinated!

There’s a connection, corresponding parallel, to the demise of both of these 1960s Religious Human & Civil Right Leaders. Our old age angelic ancient ancestors are apparently against Africa’s ascendants, identifying and Nationally naming themselves, or accepting the degrading labels and black brandings and black baptisms, imposed or implied. Wexz & Usxz are the earliest EARTHORS of planet MOTHER NATURE EARTH! Period.Mr. Malcolm-X Little Big Red Shabazz The Mastermind Melanin Messiah Man Minister + Prophet via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Avatar Avenger Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Z-BlackRayz =HueMainKind + HueMainLaw Hue-Main-Rayz pt5.

“Race and Intelligence : Science’s Last Taboo”

Stop-Point-Blank-Period: Politically playing colorblind. We’s & Us’s are historically holistic healthy humans; of the; blue-blacks, browns, redbones, high-yellows, surfaced skin shades, tissue tones – tans – tints. And as long as planetary people are polarized – politicized; branded “Blacks & Whites”; then humanity can never unite as one bio-bodily being balanced. And as a direct and indirect result, Urban Race Riots & Civil WarAmerica At Guerrilla Warfare, in the surreptitious midst of; Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III = 3are inevitable and unavoidable!

Albinoriginal-Africoidians kidsTitle: Hue-Mainity = humanity – humankind ..

Yawls, listen up closely, see and hear, how it is expressly, a self said: “Black” orator, doing the destructive damages, calling, labeling Africans’n  America, as all “Blacks”. Teaching untruths to school students, and our oncoming youngest youths. They will think that these TV talkers on various documentaries, are totally transparent, truly trustworthy; butt, they are absolutely not. This terminology is the terrorist thinking, turn-tail thoughts, of a stupid sellout SAMBO!

Melanesian kids brown skin blonde hair

YES Y’ALL Understand ugliness, untruths, that those who supposedly study sciences, and at the very same time, calling themselves; “Blacks” a “Black Race”; as opposed to a “White Race”; and allegedly; “African-centered”. Talking about they’re the only United Negro Improvement Association = UNIA “Black Government”; having a guiding “Black-print”!!

 Darkxz - Lightxz - GrayxzDarkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz -color_neg image
Surely some stupidly study the sciences; in an attempt to justify and rectify, the Aboriginal Africoidians, they try to black-a-fy. Denying that the Panor-AfricAspora, are My People of Color of Africa’s ascent. Very diverse planetary peopled populace. Terrestrial territorial tissue tones – tans – tints; The Darks & The Lights.

Albinoriginal family_Africoidian parents

Recent history’s and present day orators, lecturers, writers, speakers, talkers, journalists, are the main perpetrators and predatory pirates perpetuating , personalized people’s political prejudices. Their terminology, publicized parts of speech; refuse to readjust – shift sanely, soundly and sensibly. Due to their constantly using the separatist- segregated socialized sayings, calling Africans’n America; all “Blacks”.

IGNORAMUSES: Ignorantly isolating Indigenous Inhabitant Indians – Afro-Indians of America + India. Divisively destroying our originating First Family Foundational Folds. And are surreptitiously supporting Supremacy Superiority Satanist Slavers. So they are effectually sucker stooge Samboes, sellout sycophants; to the suppressive System SATAN!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 018….
The more they run their mass media motor mouths, they also, spread a seriously contagious consciousness, Psychogen MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”; of being baptized “Black Americans”. Wrongly trying to exchange it back and forth with being truly; Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians of the Americas and AmeriAfrindians ascendants of All Alpha-Africa1Alkebulans. People of Color of Aboriginal Africoidian ascent!



PanorAfrica_color blue
Nevertheless, these fraud in fact leading lost loser liars, would have yawls to think otherwise. They’re like a contagious cellular cancer, camouflaging its predatory presence, in surreptitious secrecy, not to be detected or seen openly. So sophisticated, and sinister in their efforts, to deceive those who wantonly wish to trust them, their treacherous teachings, trickster thoughts and transgressors thinking!

Butt25BUTT BEWARE: Those that are: These treacherous – traitorous:  “Pan-Africanists”; self serving so said: “Black People”; “Black Race”; attaches some sound sensible, sane things to their lectures, talk radio shows. It might all sound good in to superficial skin surface, butt, what they’re devilishly doing is deceiving your consciousness, misleading minds to think in terms of them being bio-bodily beings, branded “Black”!

Nevertheless, it is acting ignorant, and in intentionally ignoring, the factual  and actual reality, that they are gearing up to react as reactionaries, to Religious Racists!

It’s not wise to under estimate those seriously identifying themselves as “all Black”; “Black Power”; “Black African Power”; so forth and so on. They demand complete separation – segregation, from all Angloidian-Americans, who categorically classify themselves as; “Whites”!


Consequently, inevitably, unavoidably; leading directly to: Urban Race Riots & Civil War; America At Guerrilla Warfare!  +

COOL DADDY ACE COON BOONZ: Thereby making each and every one of these slick shysters; high water pants wearing ‘steppin’  Fletchers’ …tap-dancing dumb downed modern day 21st century: Black Jackass Uncle Toms = Selfhatism + Samboism!!!

SAMBOES, selling out on telling the total truths 100%+. And if 
one think that they are all: “Black”; and in factual Rayzial radiance reality, Brown in cosmetic coloration complexion, then they might as well, believe in Santa Claus, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. The Sunday Easter Bunny carrying Christianized colored chicken eggs in a basket filled with green grass. And or keep believing and having hope and foolish faith, in the fictitious, falsified, man person; “White male” “Jesus Christ”; Lord & Savior & “God”!

Raceryst_color brownRaceryst_neg image color brown .

Racialist Religions, are what they are, in and of themselves, regardless of what tricky title, name one places upon them. Non have to conform to truth, and refuses to admit that “they worship what they know not what”?!

Racist Eu-Rope-an WhitTie sociopath supremacy

Therefore, The “Black Baptists”; “Black Liberation Movement”; “Black People’s Movement”; are all religiosities, regenerating “Racism” = Black-a-ligion vs. White-a-ligion!!

anima StormEbola Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evil enemy energy entities, equals evilly evolved Europeans. Western world wizardry, WhitTie wicked witchcraft whip Cracker CauCrazians, do not need to care in the minutest least, about how “Black” a person is!

It’s a demonic distraction, doing destructive damages, while these alien agencies, antagonist adversaries, as asinine ass angry Angloidian-Americans, advance against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s aboriginal Africoidian ascendants!

“PHILADELPHIA—Domestic terrorism again took a toll on the Black community with the recent shooting death of noted activist Ken Bridges. He was 53-years-old.”
Unfortunately: “Sniper cuts short a life full of purpose, vision Ken Bridges of Germantown had become known around the country for his work to empower African Americans.” 

Although, this news report, article, is inaccurate, and wickedly wrong. What Ken Bridges was in factual reality doing, is attempting to Black-a-fy all Afro-African-Americans and or Africans in the Americas United States.

After he Devil Damn well knew, as an intelligently informed individual, that back in the 1960s Civil Right Movements, our great scholars, truest teachers, real revolutionary leaders, insisted that we stop-point-blank-periodcalling ourselves Negroes = Blacks = “Niger” = N…words! 

He like all of the rest, returned to their MAJESTIC MAKER; thus then transgressed – trespassed the total told truths 100%+. They  decided to go adversely against ancient angelic ancestors, antagonistically attacking and adversely assaulting;  Arthiest  Actionaries of Atom-Amen-RA! 

PRESENTLY removed from the recent past; now today the USA is desperate to survive the onslaught of negative image portrayals worldwide. This sick sinister snake serpent SATAN, is struggling from suffocation, due to the totally told truths being brought before it’s “pale faces” of multidimensional deceptions. It or He turns colors, tones, tints, changes into different hues, and camouflages of clandestine disguises.

It can calmly hide behind UNCLETOMISM, subjective self-hate and objective hatred of others! One of the Alien beings may be your Health Care Provider, Primary Physician who glibly on the sly fox cool, prescribe you some seriously toxic chemicals combinations as prescription pills.

Tanzania’s albinos stalked by cancer, stigmatization and murder

Nobody automatically receives ritual rights of passage, ken_bridges1nor personage PASS: No matter how many college certificates, degrees that they were given, and assumed achievements as awarded accolades. He like many multitudes of mindless, meaningless melaninated membrane member minorities, ignorantly insisted on ignoring our optically obvious, melanin majority = BROWN.

Why does he play colorblind? We have repeatedly resisted racialist repressors, rightly  refused and detested identifying ourselves or themselves; as being bio-bodily baptized-branded “Black on Black”.

This demonic deception has always been adverse affecting; acting against ascendant Africans in the Americas United States. Directly and indirectly leading to conscious confusions, community chaos, combustible conflicts,  civic crimes – corruptions and vicious violence; in ‘nonwhite’ neighborhoods! 

RETALIATORY REVENGE-RETRIBUTION: Regardless of how these treacherous tricksters try to transgress, trespass, it’s an unacceptable claim that they mean more than the color of one’s skin. Glibly they try to make the wording “Black” and African American and Afro-American; interchangeable.

Systemically sending surreptitious subliminal messages, and systematically corrupting the creative conception, distorting its initiating intention.

Which was meant to set We’s & Us’s fully free from the confining Colored Codes and “The Black Codes”!  animation sharpe twoedged sword


YES; ‘SOMETIMES A SOLDIER FALL BY HIS OWN SWORD‘: “Ken Bridges Day, June 24th is primarily a day of remembrance to honor our fallen ancestor, MATAH co-founder, Ken Bridges. Remember, Ken was assassinated Friday, 10.11.02, during the Wash., D.C. area sniper attacks. Additionally, it’s a day to honor all our ancestors who understood the importance of developing the Black economy:”

The Sharp Two-Edged Sword mp3 

Albeit, superficially sounding sane and sensible, nevertheless, our originating Fathers & Mothers as angelic ancestors, recently and historically, never named themselves, nor identified each 
other as an alleged assumed asinine ass; “Black economy.”So why keep on lying on our deceased folks of by-gone days? Why continue in playing colorblind gambling games with one another? Why persist in being hard headed and disgracefully disobedient? Why can we not understand that there is no true thing in existence as a; “Black Race” and a “White Race??

Mr. Ken Bridges: ““Internal-What we give to ourselves, love of self and love of race, leading to significantly more Giving and Buying Black in particular and in general, supporting pro-Black initiatives,” he wrote.”

Butt, what do or would we think if or when somebody says; Buy ‘White’? How about ‘the White economy’? Are they not both two extremists?

After all is said and done, once one ‘buys black’; then the business owners, go out into the market place with that so said; “black money’ and spend “White”!


Positive Pyramid Power_sm

NOW NEXT NOTE vs. Vote: That I completely comprehend and artfully apprehend, the contextual character of CauCrazian Caucasoidians of the USA & Europe. Also, acknowledge the truest existence of evil enemy energy entities = Eu-Rope-ans

Howsoever, my understanding the minute details of the Black Baptists; Black Bandits, is their efforts in trying to proselytize and bogus baptize brothers and soulful sisters. On the sly fox cool. Those of us who‘re so very diverse in superficial-surface skin shades, cultural colors, human-hues!

Therefore, in spite, of their tuff talks, oratorical – rhetorical lectures, teachings and public preaching, there is no need necessitated. Expressly, in attempting to establish and exercise; their tissue terrorist tactics, thoughts, thinking and twisted terms = true travesties!


Spiritics_red smallSpiritics_neg image reb blood

Philosophy Poem:

Spiritic vs Politics; Pretty portrait picture picks; No gambling games nor democratic tricks; But better blessed building blocks and bricks; Leading  love life light locks licks; True talents testing times that ticks; Worldly wealthy wisdom with wicks; Politicians poisonous propaganda pricks; Replaced by positive productive Promocratics:___

ACTUALISTS: As Aboriginal Africoidians advancing and accelerating artistic attributes. People of color of Africa’s ascent and ancient ancestry!

Wicked Witchcraft WhitTies vs “Whites” with wisdon!! 
Evil Enemy Eu-Rope-ans vs Europeans!!

Richard B. Moore_Afro-American 1893-1969Research Ref.  Richard Benjamin. Moore; Afro-American, and African-American vs. Negro and Black.

COURAGEOUS: Richard Benjamin Moore (1893–1978) was an African-Caribbean civil rights activist and prominent communist. He was also one of the advocates of the term African American as opposed to Negro.
YES: This brave Brown skinned man of Color of Africa’s ascension, individually insisted, personally fought fearlessly, the so said Slavers System of Supremacy Superiority. He’s our Official: Winning Warrior Worthy With Wealthy World Wisdom!

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 020

TREASONOUS TRAITORS: Thus in another attempt to justify; injurious injustice. After Mr. Richard B. Moore transitioned into our angelic ancestry, self-serving secondary sociopath Samboes slyly sold out; on our original objectives. Fearlessly fighting for full fledged freedom first and foremost for free. No such of thing as “Bring Black Back”; nor “Buy Black”! That’s not only improbable, butt, impractical and impossible!


WHY? Well in the first place, if in fact, there were ever a; “Human Race”; then, they were biologically baby born, beauteously birthed, beneficially better blessed body beings; blue-black, brown, red, yellow, white, pink pigmented persons = PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1.

Originat-Org-One_color 1500Originat-Org-One_color neg image 1500

Our Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1; Is our ORIGINATOR, Commonly called Cosmic CREATOR. Via our one and only system’s SOLARSUN. Shining serenely, sublimely upon planetary sphere EARTH! Equals, The Heavenly Father & Earthly Mother; are the two primary principalities; MASCULINE HEATXZ + FEMININEHERTXZ.

BOTH; Decided, somehow, someway, to make multiplex melaninated membrane members. They chose cosmetic complexion colorations. The darkest and the lightest. And apparently and obviously; SHE & HE, wanted all of us humans or HueMains, to look like we were; bluish-blackish, reddish – whitish – yellowish – pinkish pigmented. Then that is exactly what we actually are = All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendants as Albinoriginals + Aboriginals = Africoidians.


Mandatory must melanin-ate; Mix – mingle – marry and mate; Letting go of hostile human hate; Leaving behind the disputing disagreeing debate; Starting back off with a cultured clean slate; Sowing seed success’s solarized skin sake; Divinely decreed deliberated date; Rayzial radiance reality rich royalty rake; No need necessary to robbery rape; No falsified food fake; Faulty foundation flake; But to choose chocolate – coco – caramel – cream color cake; The kind that we cook – shake and bake; Freely given to us without having to take; From some one else’s plentiful plate; And be thankful for the fresh food we wisely ate.__

Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2014 022

Likewise, each and every single segregated, separated societal section, is being blatantly blasted, badly bombarded by, The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s  Divine Nature!  + + 

Mother Nature Earth_pic tubeMother Nature Earth_solarized-smallIdiotic Ignoramus Isolationists: Are actively attacked and assaulted. The alleged and assumed; “all Black” districts are imploding from within; due to devilishly demonic destruction and deliberately designated dysfunctions, delivering detrimental demise!

Albinoriginal Africoidian family8Title: Hue-Mainity = humanity – humankind ..

And the virtually all “Lilly White” communities – counties cross-country, are facing flash flooding, forthcoming forest fires flaming ferociously. Suffering severed sun spells, heat that’s as hot as Hades hell, hereon, planet EARTH!

WOMANHOOD’S WRATHFUL WEATHER WARFARE: Wipes away approx. about 88% to 90%; of HER overall in general planetary world2.gifpopulation of purposely plagued, politicized pollution poisoning. Prejudicial people, who wantonly wished to stay separated-segregated; from others who artificially appear to look like they are different humankind.

Albinoriginal Africoidian-Albinoidian boy

SHE shows: Zero zombie tolerance today, throughout terrestrial territories. They can no longer have their own wicked ways! Historically until this present day and date; they showed no  mercy to others, and therefore, no mercy shall be shown to them!!!!

[read research ref. ]

Criminally Corrupted Crooks: Continuing on with reckless disregards, negligent negative “Negritude” = Blackoligion. In spite, of it’s criminalizing concocted civic construct, contaminating contagions; and Slavers Satanist structure. Devilishly demonic devolving decisions, designated deliberately, destroying Divine Decreed development, and due process of law, and Equal Protection Under Law = HueMainLaw!!! 

TRANSITIONED: “Amos N. Wilson (February 23,1941 – JDr. Amos Wilson Africoidian American maleanuary 14, 1995) was an African-American author. He was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1941. He held positions as a Social Caseworker, Psychological Counselor, Supervising Probation Officer, Training Administrator in the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice, and Assistant Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York.”“Dr Amos Wilson Blueprint For Black Power”

YES: I honestly inform y’all that there is a cursing correlation, connection to the timely deaths of this individual person at 52 years old or young; and several others, who were and still are branded “Blacks”!


Dr. Amos WilsonReligiously Redundant”: “Black folk”; “Black education”; “Black People”; “Black Males”; “Black music”; “Black on Black Violence”; “The Black Man”; “Black anger”’; “Black self destruction” ;  “The Black Psyche”; “Aberrations in the Black personality”; “The Black Man’s mind”; :”Black Culture”; “Black Institution”; “Another Black Person”; “Black Men & Black Women”;  “As A Black Nation”; “The Black Market”.

Albinonoidian boys
Moreover, according to the incoming information that I received, by listening to what Dr. Amos Wilson said throughout his speech, lecture, this is my take on it all. There is a lots of conflicting chemistry of thoughts being proclaimed publicly. Expressly, the words, African and “Black”; are not interchangeable!

And for one to think and or believe that they are, is accepting absurdity!


BUTT: BLACK BRANDED: “As A People”; “African Centered Culture”; :”An African Based Personality”; An African Centered Consciousness” ;  “African Centered Content”;  “Based on African Centered Knowledge”; “African Centered Values”; “Based on an African History”; “An African Sense of Nationhood” ; “The African American Nation”.

Albinonoidian baby-Africoidian mother….…..
Convoluted consciousness can never create clarity, nor a clear cut conversation; that can cause correct cleansing, and correct culiknary clinical cures. Y’all may now understand, that there is an inner-innate intellectual intelligence, that tells We’s & Us’s, that something isn’t quite right, or is wickedly wrong!
Dr. Amos Wilson Afro-African American male 1995“African people”; “Africans in America”; “Black Conservatives”; “We’re possessed by spirits and demons”; “We must engaged in an exorcism, and clear the devils out of our minds!”  “We have to be demonically possessed!”  “Self Destructive Behaviors”!
Intuitive instincts, informs our internalized thinking processes, that there’s a cosmic chemistry; that is in constant conflicts, with realities, and actualities. Regardless, how a teacher or instructor, insists on telling the students, what is and what is not. Sporting surface sources – spouting superficial structure of some Supremacy Superiority, vs. imposed Inferiority. The English language letters as spelled, as dictionary defined meanings; the word black represents a color code. Causing conscientious corruptions; when wrongly, categorically classified, in terms of a “Race” or “Racial” register.
African as an assigned Continental Collective Citizenry, A People of Color of Africa’s ascent and accurately ascertained ancestry. Those human bio-bodily beings, who in factual Rayzial reality, reflects – represents radiance RAYZ of our optical, SOLARSUN.

ani butterfly

butt72BUTT BEWARE: Remember yawls, to take Notes vs. Votes: He is a trained psychologist, taught to twist and turn and tangle words. With perhaps good intentions, nevertheless, deliberately doing so in a glib way, so as to teach the hearing and listening audience, to think in terms of the bottom line = being branded “Blacks”!

anima-spiral-colork.gifDeaf and blind Negroes”; “The White Man’s”; “White folks”;  “A White Person”;  “The White Nation”; “Slave Food…the Food of Slaves”; “Slave Values”; Slave Consciousness”; “Self hatred is a personality configuration”.
Further still, at various intervals, Dr. Amos Wilson, interjects, “African American”; and “Africans in America”; then return back to the dominant theme terminology, “The Black Man and the Black Woman”; so forth and so on. Very skillful, yet surreptitiously sly!

Africaoidian Africa Spiritious Syllabic Sacred SymbolAfricoidian Africa Sacred Spiritious Syllabic Symbol_negative image

YES: This trickster tactic is a treacherous one, intentionally, knowingly, purposely, planned to induce a religious politic, bogus belief, students then taught to think that the terms, tells the total truth 100%+. Although, it’s restrictive, repressive, regressive! Regenerative ‘Reverse Racialism‘!

Respectfully No doubt, I’ve learned lots of key information coming from the teachings of Dr. Amos Wilson. Butt, My Master Mind Melanin Messiah, KNOWS, much more meaningful materials. Not to blindly believe and faithfully follow no man or woman; whosoever, they might be.

And it is wisely well written within;  RA-LIGIOUSLY“He who trusts in man is a fool”; he or she shall surely end up being, a foolish faith follower. And that is a ‘Racialist Religion” = Blackoligion vs. Whiteoligion!!

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifYES: I have advanced myself in recent years, and always learning lessons on a daily basis. I use to say: Black Soul Sisters and Black Soul Brothers. Butt, it was with humor, fun and laughter; not literally!

Now today, I’ve shifted sensibilities, soundly and sanely, saying sometimes: Blac-Keys Soul Sister and or BlackRayz Soulful Sisters and brothers. A scientific saying, having a healthy SCIESSENCE!                   

Sciessence_colorSciessence_color neg image

BUTT BOGUS: Big black buckets and black barrels of black pigment paint, plus + large cans and jars of black Indian ink, and huge containers of blue-black dye = bad black business.  All waiting inside the closed doors of their trickster lectures, college classroom curricular.

Inclusively, talk radio shows hosted by human hatemongers; hating anybody refusing to bow down to being bio-bodily burned and or baked black. And after being branded black and Baptized Black; you earn honorary black awards, receive recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance!

Phantom Physics_color 1500Phantom Physics_color neg image 1500Planetary People’s Power Plan: Phantom-Phatam-Physics-1 Pure Powered Potency; positively producing protected prodigy-progeny populations. . Our & My People of Color of Africa’s ascent, are not playing party politics nor religious racism! Instead Rayzialism vs. Racialism!!


GeneRayziation Geographies: Means by definitions; generations of geographical groups of human bio-bodily beings. According to how the Grandly Great GENERATOR, gave planetary people their terrestrial traits + territorial tissue tones – tans – tints.
As a direct and indirect Rayzial radiance realized results; genetic gifts of grace generated across geographic land masses. Commonly called cross countries – compassing continents. This progeny prodigy producing process = pure potency powered; PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1.

KemEgypt_Sacred Symbol Syllables_smallKemEgypt SSS_negative image

KEMEGYPT = Kemet + Egypt:
Exclusively belongs to authentic

Africoidians of All Alkebulan Africa!

Next notes…

What I AM doing indeed, is showing y’all several politicized parallels. How specific persons pretend to be so sincere, and honest to receive honor. They fixed something inside their disowned minds, to selfishly sell We’s & Us’s copycat concepts, concocted by capitalist criminals and corporate crooks. And the treachery is wrapped up in tricky terminology!

YES OUR USAA+ PROMISED LAND: Is not in this trillions of U.S. Dollar debt!. Strictly speaking, specifically saying, that THE UNIFIED  STATUTES OF AMERICA + AFRICA: owes nobody, whosoever they might be, whatsoever, their country or national is. As an actual factual reality!

“Demand for the dollar, which has long served as a safe and reliable reserve in international transactions, has allowed the U.S. to borrow almost unlimited cash and spend well beyond its means, which some economists say has afforded the United States an outsize influence on world affairs.”
Asia’s China, wicked witchcraft,  who wantonly wished, to in-debt, the USA, in high hopes of one day claiming its terrestrial territories. Claiming counties and cities, that they know Africans’n  America lives, resides inside a Sick Supremacist Satanist System, trying to survive.

Expressly Detroit, Michigan, where bankruptcy, broke down their inner-urban ecomony. So the Slavers sell these locations, districts, to foreign forces, immigrants, that Angloidian-America antagonist adversarial alien agencies; grants to them. Causing civic conflicts between nonwhites, people of coloration cosmetic complexions: Yellowfaces – Redfaces – Brownfaces – Blackfaces. Prompting them to hate on or dislike Whitefaces!!!

Jazz fest Taste of New Orleans_San Antonio Texas 2012The United States of America, is the one and only Nation who is in trillions of U.S. Dollar debt. And any nation or country, who loaned them so much money; they also, knew how it could never be repaid. Such as Asia’s China territories. As a payment plan, evil conspiracy, to take local lands, beaches, waterfronts, strategic shorelines, owned by National Native NATINDIANS, Afrindians – AmeriAfrindians, and Indigenous Inhabiting Indians.

We’s & Us’s are one in the very same: Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification and originating organic organisms; of our Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1.

Furthermore, China of Asia itself, shall surely suffer severe shortages, capital cash currency collapse. Every evil thing that they tried to trick, Afro-African-Americans, Aboriginal Africoidians of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, is backfiring in their yellowfaces, via blackfaces and brownfaces, in spite of ‘pale faces’ and whitefaces!
anima Demon_2TOO DEVIL DAMNED BAD: All outsiders voluntarily chose to make fraudulent investments, bogus business deals, loan sharking taking outrageous risks. And all of them are of a Culpable Mental State of Guilt, as grownups gambling against the odds of fate, fake financial funded foundations!

Next notes….

INTERVENTION DIVINE: Intervened intentionally, seeing how some senseless Samboes, sold-out on our organic originality. Forsaking Africans’n America’s culinary cooking customs.  SOLAR SEXUS SOUL FOOD FIRST FAMILY FINANCIAL FUNDED FOUNDATION.  Became bad behaving, fraudulent foreign food forces, and as alien agencies, antagonist adversaries; acting against; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Aboriginal Africoidian ascendants. 

Asinine asses, acting all Africanist and anti-American. Yet many meaningless melaninated membrane members, adapted and adopted, the Euro-centrist culinary eating; bad habits, as religious reptilian racialists, regressive regenerates,  voluntary vegans and vegetarian villains, viciously violating VIRONS. [read research ref. ]

Furthermore, the Americanized African males who I’ve listed by national names and identities, are astute – articulate and educated enough; to have known better. Expressly, about how harmful, and hurtful it is indeed, to trick their audiences, listeners into thinking things that are inaccurate – incorrect!

Albinoidian Africoidian Albinoriginals

Instead of coming straight on out, up front, specifically stating exacting what and who they are talking all about. Simply starting off bat, by defining the meanings of being “Black”; African-American, Afro-American, As a People, African-Centered, so forth and so on; accordingly.

Although, these sly shysters, so slick and smart, starting superstructures, building something above board, two – three – ten stories high as a skyscraper, butt, there is a faulty foundation that’s fundamentally flawed. Thus then destined to fail and fatally fall!


Sourltrix Spiritrix_red-white_lrgSoulTrix SpiriTrix_color neg image

SPIRITICS vs Politics!!

Point Poem:

Sovereign SoulTrix; Sacred sanctuary SpiriTrix; Fortune foundational financial fix; My  MASTER1 multi-media mix; Talented terrestrial territorial transfix; Holistory’s healthy healing helix.__

SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ colorSoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color neg image

SOULLESS: Secondary Sub-Semi-Sociopath, Serious Severe Sources: of the most surreptitiously sinister sciences. Deceptive demons, being so sneaky snakelike stealth. Such satanic spirits, spooky sensations sure can cause cancers, cardiac arrests and heart attacks. Inclusively, aneurisms, blood clots in the vessels – veins of the arteries and bright brilliant brains of bio-bodily beings.

Sourltrix Spiritrix_red-white_lrg

This tissue toxin, terrorist thug, is what I term to be; internalized insurrection. In depth inner guilt, plaguing the persons psychology, and subconscious minds. Causing combustible chemistry, conscientious conflicts!


Early deaths due to devilishly demonic drugs, duped dopes. Addicted to the nationalized negative name Negroes = Negroidians = “Niger’ = the N…words. The very same meaning as “Blacks”! (Spanish – English – Latin)

Self-subjected victims, suffers Slavers Satanic Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Submissively subservient suckers, stupid stooges, sycophant sellout Samboes of SAMBOISM & SELFHATISM. Systemically serving the sorcerous snake serpent System SATAN!!!

Certainly, I’ve offered ample information that clearly make my case crystal clear and completely clarified. While leaving all so self said’ “Whites” out of the portrait picture, for the time at hand. So that y’all get a better look at how these intellectuals, are at each others throats, competing among themselves, at the costly expense to those who are being misled and misguided.

Just consider that Mr. Minister Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red, explicitly used the term; Organization of Afro-American Unity. Going in this direction after being misled himself, by Mr. Min. Elijah Poole, alias Muhammad Muslim man of The Nation of Islam. Him having learned leadership lessons, from the school of hard-head knocks!

Albino boy1

NO, those coming afterwards, behind great scholars, teachers, as Dr. Richard B. Moore, are fighting against Afro-Americans, and African-Americans and My People of Color of Africa‘s ascent and ancient ancestry and anointed artistry. Not in the minutest least, in reality and actuality, are fakers, fools, fearlessly fighting back against what they term: “Racism White Supremacy”. And in fact, attempting to form an Evil Conspiracy working in cowardice comrade coalitions, collaborating cahoots collusion with one another, reinforcing the bogus branding; “Black”; as opposed to Brown, Redbone, and High Yellow!

Next news notes blog….

YES: Sociopath Satanist-Sadist-Sexist Slavers: were the foremost f….ing freaks, first family founding fathers of the USA. Child molesters, robbing – raping Africoidian – Aboriginal Africans’n America. Expressly, U.S. President George Washington, and the terrorist Thomas Jefferson, just to name two tyrant thugs! It’s nothing new under our system’s Sovereign SOLARSUN!

Likewise, these fools took photographs of the terrorist torments – tissue tortures – tyrannical trauma. Imposed upon helpless – defenseless human bio-bodily beings, My People of Color of Africa’s ascent!

So self said; “White males” and “White females”; cut the penises and testicles off of Afro-African-American men, made whatnots, postcards, ornaments out of them too! And had lewd sex of sorts with little girls and boys, who these evil enemy Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans enjoyed. Underage children, babies, is what Westernized world wicked witchcraft WhitTies whip Cracker criminal CauCrazians lustfully loved!

Interestingly enough, these psychopath rapists, were working class CaucAsians, crazy Caucasoidian citizens. Middle & Upper Class categories. Educated, economically enabled, financially fit filthy rich raping robbers. Not the trailer trash, impoverished poor Patty Peckerwoods, portrayed, in picture show movies. No not at all! Reveals + reports Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1  via COLOR KINGDON NWCA.



 “Note: “black African” is a racist and prejorative colonial term. Blackness, however is a term imposed at the moment of conquest by the apex oppressors — never by Africans themselves. Unlike the name African, it disconnected the people from their land of origin — and hence their birthright and geographical claim.”


Next notes…

SUBJECTIVE STRIDENT STRIFE: Says that the wanna-be-black leaders, refuse to respect the individual persons, cosmetic coloration complexions. By playing colorblind politics; and religious rejections of radiant RAYZIAL realities!

HueMainKind_color neg image

Wexz & Usxz: are not only living in blackness, butt, also living in whiteness, darkness and lightness. And actually as an All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendancy, and artistic attributes as Ablinoriginals + Aboriginals as Africoidians.

Arthiest_color“Why America Is Obsessed With Labeling People By Race”

Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1, is an actualized anointed artistry, activated Arthiest Actionary. Not a reactionary rebellious revolutionary!

Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12426891Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12426891

Fearlessly fighting for full fledged freedom of Artistic Expression. Show & Tell, the total truths 100%+. And I’m on nobody’s side; butt, The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How.

To artfully apply Atom-Amen-Ra’s Pure Potency Power PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1

Arthiest_color neg image

“Follow The Logic”: How would you like it if your young child brought to you a black skirt and or socks, when you asked him or her to bring you your brown socks and brown shirt? Think!

Children’s Cyber-College Curricular Cosmic Computer ColorComplex. Read more:

 DeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image

People’s Poem

Dietary dinner dishes delightful desserts; Actionary artworks actually asserts; Excelling energies efficient efforts experts; Infinite immaculate imagination intellectual intelligent inserts.__

 ~ 378

Protection Poem:

Choose your dietary dinner dishes based on your body’s being; And never permit others tell you what you’re seeing; Unless they know what they are talking all about agreeing, Basically because profiteers peering; Pseudo-science is fakery’s foolish freeing; You from your money made hard earn kneeing; Thus truly trust transparency truths totally told Teeing.__

Although, never get what I say wrong, mistake me not. Basically because, I’ve use the terms: African-American-Blacks, Black African Americans, in some of my messages. Howsoever, I’ve learned leading lessons, each day – week – month – year, to shift sensibilities, change courses, according to the currents of time!. Including; blue-black, brown, redbone, high yellow cosmetic coloration complexions. Now today, saying that We’s & Us’s are People of Color of Africa’s ascent, Aboriginal Africoidians, and as an AfricAspora!

Albinoriginal Albinoidian-Africoiddian

“Black, or Blackness, tells you how you look without telling you who you are, whereas Africa, or Africana, relates you to land, history, and culture “ Dr. John Henrick. Clarke.

“Every ethnic group in this country has a reference to some land base, some historical cultural base. African-Americans have hit that level of cultural maturity… To be called African-American has cultural integrity “ Rev. Jesse Jackson

ArTrix-ArtisTrix_color neg image

Next notes…

YES: Approximately About 10% to 12%: Are the Rare Rich Royal Resourceful, individuals, prioritized persons, who are welcomed and invited inside the Divine Decreed Domain: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

And an adverse amount as an average percentile of approx. about 88% to 90%; are on their very own. They tend to be stubbornly stuck stupefied, in a standing still silly state, or going “Black” backwards. Searching and seeking an ancient ancestral African, beginning. Butt, better beneficially baby born, blessedly birthed, by biologically bodily beings balance!!

Junior's Tees ~ Junior's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12427107Junior's Tees ~ Junior's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12427107We’s & Us’s are no longer the Original Orgasmic Organic Organism Occupyneers. Hominids and Humanoids of Holistory Heritage Health. Due to Creative Evolution + Evolutionary Creation. The oncoming offspring of Omnipresent ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1!

Name: Z-BLACKRAYZ Phantom-Phatom-Physics1 OriginatOrgOne1 URL:


CosmiColoRayz_color neg image

Precept Poem

CosmiColoRayz; Picture perfect praise; Daring delightful daze; Holistic helpful healing happy humored hoorays, Wealthy with wiser wisdom ways: Rare rich royal resource revenue rays; Anointed artworks actually amaze.__

 ~ 378Certainly coming cultured clean, created cosmetic complexion colorations. The Center Carbon Core Cradle, via the Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATORCulminating CosmiColoRayz!

Likewise, it all depended upon where one was born, the equatorial environmental elements existing; of the hottest HEATXZ; of SOLARSUN shining serenely severe. Or of icy cold climatic conditions, inside continental Africa1Alkebulan. Her vast vitalizing VegePlanTerRain. And how humans mutated into Multiplex-Melaninated Membrane Members. The Darks And The Lights; superficial surface skin solarization, shades, tissue tones – tans – tints!

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

“Audrey Smedley shows that “race” is a cultural invention that began to appear around the turn of the eighteenth century. In its origin, race was not a product of science but a folk ideology reflecting a new form of social stratification and a rationalization for inequality among the peoples of North America. Race in North America: Origin And Evolution of a Worldview.”

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg imageAboriginal Africoidians; actualizes All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendants. Artful applied approach as activated Afrionics + Afribets x AfricAspora. These tactical tools, talented terms are enlightening, enriching expressions. Enhanced, elevated, excelled English language written and spoken words of wealthier wittier wisdom; welded with winners warfare. They truly encompasses, engulfs, envelopes, umbrellas, each and everyone’s biological bodily beings. Our optically optimized original organic organisms; ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1.

SoulMatrixz - SoulMateSoulMatrixz - SoulMate_neg image
“African and black are not interchangeable just as Dark continent and Africa are not. Self-determination allows a people to re-examine definitions and sculpt them to their reality. Black, like Negro is facing linguistic extinction, especially in academic circles, due to its poor foundation in speaking about the oldest and most diverse people on the planet.”

HueMainRight_colorHueMainRight_color-neg image

YES: It is the religious receptions  and accepting absurdities; that are attracting magnets. To the truest tissue traumatizing toxins, terrestrial tyrants, thug tormentors, treacherous torturers, terrorist thieves. When one chooses to believe in certain things, historical happenings, that simply just didn’t happen;  is idiotically inhumane and  ignorantly insane!


TRULY:  that’s when and why we’re experiencing evil enemy energies, esoteric extraterrestrial entities, exhibiting executioner Ebola Eugenicists, evilly evolved Eu-Rope-ans!

As humanity decides to degenerate, into inhumane dysfunctions; due to deficient dietary decisions. Devilishly demonic defects devolves decency. Dutifully dumb down, doped and drugged, general citizenry, inside continental countries, counties, cities. They love lusting to feed upon falsehoods, fictitious fallacies, fraud in fact lies, of leading lost loser liars!

Planetary populations of people, praying to some senseless soul Savior, warlords, warlocks, wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazian criminally corrupt crooks. Crazy capitalists – colonialists – corporate conglomeration. Constantly consuming cellular cancer causing clinical concoctions!

Television toxicities, plus+ propaganda pollutions, pharmaceutical prescription pill poisons. Producing plagues of psychotic personalities. Sick sociopath societies, seriously suffering soul slavery, some severe Satanist sensations. Then they become the sinister scientists, and self-serving sorcerers, sneaky snakes, and surreptitious stealthy serpents, serving the systemic System SATAN!

Consequently, concurrent climatic charged changes, compelling circumstances, comes to cleanse the terrestrial – territorial tissue toxins. Thus to punitively  purify + purge, the polluted people of the poisoned planet. Seeing how the masses, multitudes, multimillion, are on some sorts of medications, mind altering drugs, and are addicted to dope. They’re the dummies, who are destined to have to go, down and out and taken underground, to the cemetery graveyards. Deliberated deceased, divine decreed demise, and destructive deaths!

Therefore, all of these regressive, repressive racialist religiosities, brings these toxic tissue terrorists to the one’s who have permitted themselves, to become duped – doped – drugged deliberately!

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter in the minutest least, how demonstrators shout out loud, protest publicly. Regardless, of the descriptive signs they hold in their hands to march with, up and down the city streets. Crying chants can’t cure corruption, crime, cellular cancers!

Promocracy_colorPromocracy_color neg image

In spite, of the intellectuals who might know more about what’s happening to human bio-bodily beings. It’s far too late to change courses, directions; in which we’re now today going!

So what, if one realizes the grave dangers, the detriments of virulent vaccines, inoculations, the intentional injections of vicious viruses, cancer cell causing clinical concoctions. The key questions asks, what can we actually do about it all? Where are the National Militia, military machinery, combat gear, guns, assault rifles? Where are the protections and defense devices, against asinine ass antagonist adversaries and alien agencies? Who’s willing and ready to stand up and fearlessly fight back, live or die? Actually who are the real evil enemies? Could they possibly be the overall in general citizenry?

Cosmic Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP-HipP+LapP = My-Revolutionary + Ra-Volutionary- Creative Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form =MusicianCHD1 = Mastermind-Meta-Musical Mediums + Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts or


 CreaTrix_color neg image

 Pure Poem

 CreaTrix center carbon core creations; All around our orbiting Global-World-Nations; Genes great grand gifted genius generations; Giving graciously globalizations; Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR’S conglomerations

 ~ 453Junior's Tees ~ Junior's Ringer T-Shirt ~ Article 12426882

Next notes..

YES: There are those talking all about how we have to unite, as one “Working Together For Progress”; having one conscious, one mind, one mission – goal – objective, so forth and so on. Butt, then the Black-a-fy everything that they try to do and act on. Bad business Black Baptizers. Bastardized bitchcrafts + WhitTie wicked witchcrafts. Causing the exact same divisions and irrevocable differences as always before, as history reveals. Self-sabotages + self-suicides!

Y’all see, all of their soulless superficial surface talk show stuff, means absolutely nothing, in the realized world of activities or artistic actualities. Immature males and females, failing foolishly, to acknowledge and accept that fact that Africans in the Americas United States, are already amalgamated, aggregated admixtures. “Mixies” as a so self said; “Black” woman said online – airways, to demean and degrade Kids – Children of Color of Africa’s ascent having a “Black” father and a “White” mother. Supposedly a disgrace to “The Negro Race” or “Black Race”; they publicly proclaim!


SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color neg image
 Designs display at my shop-store SpreadShirt:

Purity Poem:

Solar Sexus Soulmates: Helping heal human hates; Mass mental model mistakes; Made mad mates; By phonies, pretenders and fakes; But better beneficial blessed bates; Are our delightful daring dates; Cured clean cultured crates; Carrying corrected cultural cakes; For financial fitness fortune fates.__

Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt by American Apparel ~ Article 12414274Women's T-Shirts ~ Women's Slim Fit T-Shirt by American Apparel ~ Article 12414274

SOUL-MATES Multiplex Melanin Membrane Member Mixtures: Seriously seeks spiritual sovereignty and safe secure sanctuary. And in operational order to be truly working together to make meaningful progress, requires, the personalized respect given to each and everyone’s cosmetic coloration complexion.  Baring no biological bodily being!

No more meaningless stereotype stigmatizing, attempting to put or place all of We’s & Us’s into one of their tricky “Black” bags, blackened box of bogus beliefs. Butt, cease playing politicized colorblind consciousness. Maturing and no longer acting immature, yet growing up into independent – individual adults, men and women. Stop sleep walking looking like lifeless zero zombies. Start looking upwards, waking up to see the; Leading Lords Love Light Locks!

Examples of divisive and destructive thoughts and twisted thinking: “Black Memorabilia”; “The Black Learning Channel”; “All Black Radio”; “Black TV”; “Black Wall Street”; “Positively Black”; ‘Bring Black Back”…endlessly.  You can check them out, and judge for yourself at:

Color Kingdom NWCA_1

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, aggregates Africans in the AfricAspora. What they stubbornly still call the anima-underwater.gif“Diaspora”. The same outdated, obsolete old-school paradigms, paraphrases producing the exact same regressive results, as history has it well written.


And it’s  very hard to out-grow, overcome, the  transgressing terms that tricksters try to instill, induce inside the minds of Afro-African-Americans!

Moreover, y’all take a close look at my artworks, picturesque portrait pictures, showing you what I in deed do. Show and tell, as ‘a picture says a thousand words’; as it is so often said.

Howsoever, it trumps talk show hosts and guest speakers, always saying what we should be working on, planning to do, what “Blacks” need to be thinking about. Yet, nothing at all has ever been done!


Therefore, My Mature Master Mind Melanin  Messhiah, metal models, manifest multiplex melaninated member membranes. RAYZIAL radiance realities, Real Live Vision = RealiVision + RAVISION vs. Radicalized ’Racial’ Region!! + +

Yawls Remember To Note vs. Vote: That I have already arranged artworks, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, throughout these Webblogs. And listed their URLs, addresses all over the posted pages. So that y’all are able to click on any link, to find more invaluable information. They’re extensive and written with wealthy words of wisdom.

AfricAspoar_color neg image

Many meaningfull merchant money making methods, true talented terminology, to truly change conscious conclusions, into corrected continuums. Constantly carrying on, cultured cleansed, completely cured, in our optimized 21st Century Computerized CyberSpaceAge AFRICASPORA = ALL ALPHA-ALKEBULAN-AFRICA + AlbinOriginals – Aboriginals – Afrindians – AmeriAfrindians – Africoidian Ascendants!

anima dragon_left

Butt beauty red ass lovely ladyBUTT BEST BEWARE BAD BIRDS: Yes, that blackened birds of prey are flocking down upon naïve and gullible American citizens. And anybody branded “Black” anima beating_heart_2become blackbirds, to be eaten by the black buzzard birds and bastardized bitch black hawks. Frightful flying fish fends, fearful flaming fire breathing dragon drones. Violent vicious vultures, prejudiced preying mantises, plus + predatory politician profiteers, pirate piranha psychopaths. Pretentious punk pedophile pope priests and poisonous pharmaceutical pill pushing prostituting pimp physicians. Plaguing public people’s planetary polluted populations!

Isolationists; Segregationists, Separatists: Self serving sinners, surely shall see some seriously severe sickness syndromes. For foolishly benefiting from hate history; holding helpless humans hostages. Harming and hurting happy humored humanity; healing Holistory Health Heritage.

anima th_snake1

Everyday Eating Evil Enemy Energy Entities: Damned Devils Fake Food for financial fortunes: Feasted upon the sinister science slavery, as submissive subverted subservient  suckers, sycophant stooge secondary sociopath sellout SAMBOES. Sorrowfully succumbing to the Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpowers sorcery, sneaky snake serpent systemic System SATAN!

Unfortunately: “United we stand and divided we fall” fatally. And anima alien-warriorAmericans are all disassembled, in the devilish demonic dis-United States of America. Open to the terrorist traitors, treasonous tyrants, traumatizing tissue torturers and thug tormentors too!

Biological Bodily Beings: Who wantonly wish to be Black-a-fied and White-a-fied, individualistic and isolated are aimed at. Attacked as asinine ass antagonist adversaries and assaulted as alien agencies. And as anti-American aggregation and against amalgamation and assimilation and as; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians!

Cosmic Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP-HipP+LapP = My-Revolutionary + Ra-Volutionary- Creative Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form =MusicianCHD1 = Mastermind-Meta-Musical Mediums + Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts


  ArtStrucTrix_color neg iimage

 Providence Poem:

ArtistrucTrix: Constructive creative composition complex; Fortunate financed founded fame fix; Fine fit feminine figured female Felix; Mental model Mother Madam Matriarch MaaTrix; Manifested materialized matter matrix._

 ~ 378

 Piercing Poem

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